Michael J. Nasse
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Cytowane przez
High-resolution Fourier-transform infrared chemical imaging with multiple synchrotron beams
MJ Nasse, MJ Walsh, EC Mattson, R Reininger, A Kajdacsy-Balla, ...
Nature Methods 8 (5), 413-416, 2011
Realistic modeling of the illumination point spread function in confocal scanning optical microscopy
MJ Nasse, JC Woehl
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 27 (2), 295-302, 2010
3D spectral imaging with synchrotron Fourier transform infrared spectro-microtomography
MC Martin, C Dabat-Blondeau, M Unger, J Sedlmair, DY Parkinson, ...
Nature Methods 10 (9), 861-864, 2013
Evidence of nanocrystalline semiconducting graphene monoxide during thermal reduction of graphene oxide in vacuum
EC Mattson, H Pu, S Cui, MA Schofield, S Rhim, G Lu, MJ Nasse, ...
ACS Nano 5 (12), 9710-9717, 2011
Biochemical label-free tissue imaging with subcellular-resolution synchrotron FTIR with focal plane array detector
MZ Kastyak-Ibrahim, MJ Nasse, M Rak, C Hirschmugl, MR Del Bigio, ...
Neuroimage 60 (1), 376-383, 2012
FLUTE: A versatile linac-based THz source
MJ Nasse, M Schuh, S Naknaimueang, M Schwarz, A Plech, YL Mathis, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2), 022705, 2013
Demountable liquid/flow cell for in vivo infrared microspectroscopy of biological specimens
MJ Nasse, S Ratti, M Giordano, CJ Hirschmugl
Applied Spectroscopy 63 (10), 1181-1186, 2009
The optical near-field of an aperture tip
A Drezet, MJ Nasse, S Huant, JC Woehl
Europhysics Letters 66 (1), 41, 2004
CdSe single-nanoparticle based active tips for near-field optical microscopy
N Chevalier, MJ Nasse, JC Woehl, P Reiss, J Bleuse, F Chandezon, ...
Nanotechnology 16 (4), 613-618, 2005
Influence of background pressure on the stability region of a Paul trap
M Nasse, C Foot
European Journal of Physics 22 (6), 563, 2001
Restoration and spectral recovery of mid-infrared chemical images
EC Mattson, MJ Nasse, M Rak, KM Gough, CJ Hirschmugl
Analytical Chemistry 84 (14), 6173-6180, 2012
Experimental Aspects of CSR in the ANKA Storage Ring
AS Müller, N Hiller, A Hofmann, E Huttel, K Il'in, V Judin, B Kehrer, M Klein, ...
ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter 57, 154-165, 2012
Multi-beam synchrotron infrared chemical imaging with high spatial resolution: Beamline realization and first reports on image restoration
MJ Nasse, EC Mattson, R Reininger, T Kubala, S Janowski, Z El-Bayyari, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2011
Synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy imaging using a multi-element detector (IRMSI-MED) for diffraction-limited chemical imaging
MJ Nasse, R Reininger, T Kubala, S Janowski, C Hirschmugl
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2007
Electro-optical bunch length measurements at the ANKA storage ring
N Hiller, A Borysenko, E Hertle, E Huttel, V Judin, B Kehrer, S Marsching, ...
Proceedings of IPAC 2013, 500-502, 2013
Diagnosing malaria infected cells at the single cell level using focal plane array Fourier transform infrared imaging spectroscopy
BR Wood, KR Bambery, MWA Dixon, L Tilley, MJ Nasse, E Mattson, ...
Analyst 139 (19), 4769-4774, 2014
From synthetic to biogenic Mg-containing calcites: a comparative study using FTIR microspectroscopy
X Long, MJ Nasse, Y Ma, L Qi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (7), 2255-2263, 2012
Fast mapping of terahertz bursting thresholds and characteristics at synchrotron light sources
M Brosi, JL Steinmann, E Blomley, E Bründermann, M Caselle, N Hiller, ...
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 19 (11), 110701, 2016
High-spatial-resolution mapping of superhydrophobic cicada wing surface chemistry using infrared microspectroscopy and infrared imaging at two synchrotron beamlines
MJ Tobin, L Puskar, J Hasan, HK Webb, CJ Hirschmugl, MJ Nasse, ...
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 20 (3), 482-489, 2013
Opportunities for multiple-beam synchrotron-based mid-infrared imaging at IRENI
MJ Nasse, B Bellehumeur, S Ratti, C Olivieri, D Buschke, J Squirrell, ...
Vibrational Spectroscopy 60, 10-15, 2012
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