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Hans Lignier
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Dynamical control of matter-wave tunneling in periodic potentials
H Lignier, C Sias, D Ciampini, Y Singh, A Zenesini, O Morsch, E Arimondo
Physical review letters 99 (22), 220403, 2007
Coherent control of dressed matter waves
A Zenesini, H Lignier, D Ciampini, O Morsch, E Arimondo
Physical review letters 102 (10), 100403, 2009
Observation of photon-assisted tunneling in optical lattices
C Sias, H Lignier, YP Singh, A Zenesini, D Ciampini, O Morsch, ...
Physical review letters 100 (4), 040404, 2008
Exploring dynamic localization with a Bose-Einstein condensate
A Eckardt, M Holthaus, H Lignier, A Zenesini, D Ciampini, O Morsch, ...
Physical Review A 79 (1), 013611, 2009
Time-resolved measurement of Landau-Zener tunneling in periodic potentials
A Zenesini, H Lignier, G Tayebirad, J Radogostowicz, D Ciampini, ...
Physical review letters 103 (9), 090403, 2009
Critical state of the Anderson transition: between a metal and an insulator
G Lemarié, H Lignier, D Delande, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
Physical review letters 105 (9), 090601, 2010
Resonantly enhanced tunneling of Bose-Einstein condensates in periodic potentials
C Sias, A Zenesini, H Lignier, S Wimberger, D Ciampini, O Morsch, ...
Physical review letters 98 (12), 120403, 2007
Rovibrational cooling of molecules by optical pumping
I Manai, R Horchani, H Lignier, P Pillet, D Comparat, A Fioretti, M Allegrini
Physical review letters 109 (18), 183001, 2012
Resonant tunneling of Bose–Einstein condensates in optical lattices
A Zenesini, C Sias, H Lignier, Y Singh, D Ciampini, O Morsch, R Mannella, ...
New Journal of Physics 10 (5), 053038, 2008
Reversible destruction of dynamical localization
H Lignier, J Chabé, D Delande, JC Garreau, P Szriftgiser
Physical review letters 95 (23), 234101, 2005
Tunneling control and localization for Bose-Einstein condensates in a frequency modulated optical lattice
A Zenesini, H Lignier, C Sias, O Morsch, D Ciampini, E Arimondo
Laser physics 20, 1182-1189, 2010
Ro-vibrational cooling of molecules and prospects
M Hamamda, P Pillet, H Lignier, D Comparat
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 48 (18), 182001, 2015
Deeply bound cold caesium molecules formed after 0− g resonant coupling
H Lignier, A Fioretti, R Horchani, C Drag, N Bouloufa, M Allegrini, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (42), 18910-18920, 2011
Improving Raman velocimetry of laser-cooled cesium atoms by spin-polarization
J Chabé, H Lignier, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
Optics communications 274 (1), 254-259, 2007
Quantum diffusion in the quasiperiodic kicked rotor
H Lignier, JC Garreau, P Szriftgiser, D Delande
Europhysics Letters 69 (3), 327, 2004
Experimental study of quantum chaos with cold atoms
P Szriftgiser, H Lignier, J Ringot, JC Garreau, D Delande
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 8 (3-4), 301-313, 2003
Rovibrational optical pumping of a molecular beam
A Cournol, P Pillet, H Lignier, D Comparat
Physical Review A 97 (3), 031401, 2018
Wave-function-renormalization effects in resonantly enhanced tunneling
N Lörch, FV Pepe, H Lignier, D Ciampini, R Mannella, O Morsch, ...
Physical Review A 85 (5), 053602, 2012
Quantum scaling laws in the onset of dynamical delocalization
J Chabé, H Lignier, H Cavalcante, D Delande, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
Physical review letters 97 (26), 264101, 2006
Trap-modulation spectroscopy of the Mott-insulator transition in optical lattices
H Lignier, A Zenesini, D Ciampini, O Morsch, E Arimondo, S Montangero, ...
Physical Review A 79 (4), 041601, 2009
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