Szymon M. Drobniak
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Meta‐analysis suggests choosy females get sexy sons more than “good genes”
ZM Prokop, Ł Michalczyk, SM Drobniak, M Herdegen, J Radwan
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 66 (9), 2665-2673, 2012
Genetic similarity between mates predicts extrapair paternity—a meta-analysis of bird studies
A Arct, SM Drobniak, M Cichoń
Behavioral Ecology 26 (4), 959-968, 2015
Family living sets the stage for cooperative breeding and ecological resilience in birds
M Griesser, SM Drobniak, S Nakagawa, CA Botero
PLoS biology 15 (6), e2000483, 2017
Experimentally increased reproductive effort alters telomere length in the blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)
J Sudyka, A Arct, S Drobniak, A Dubiec, L Gustafsson, M Cichoń
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (10), 2258-2264, 2014
Family living: an overlooked but pivotal social system to understand the evolution of cooperative breeding
SM Drobniak, G Wagner, E Mourocq, M Griesser
Behavioral Ecology 26 (3), 805-811, 2015
Avian malaria is associated with increased reproductive investment in the blue tit
E Podmokła, A Dubiec, SM Drobniak, A Arct, L Gustafsson, M Cichoń
Journal of Avian Biology 45 (3), 219-224, 2014
The association between stressors and telomeres in non-human vertebrates: a meta-analysis
M Chatelain, SM Drobniak, M Szulkin
Ecology Letters 23 (2), 381-398, 2020
Seasonal time constraints reduce genetic variation in life‐history traits along a latitudinal gradient
S Sniegula, MJ Golab, SM Drobniak, F Johansson
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (1), 187-198, 2016
Kin recognition and adjustment of reproductive effort in zebra finches
A Arct, J Rutkowska, R Martyka, SM Drobniak, M Cichoń
Biology letters 6 (6), 762-764, 2010
Lifespan and reproductive cost explain interspecific variation in the optimal onset of reproduction
E Mourocq, P Bize, S Bouwhuis, R Bradley, A Charmantier, C de la Cruz, ...
Evolution, 2016
Photoperiod and variation in life history traits in core and peripheral populations in the damselfly Lestes sponsa
S Śniegula, SM Drobniak, MJ Gołąb, F Johansson
Ecological Entomology 39 (2), 137-148, 2014
Chicken or egg? Outcomes of experimental manipulations of maternally transmitted hormones depend on administration method–a meta‐analysis
E Podmokła, SM Drobniak, J Rutkowska
Biological Reviews 93 (3), 1499-1517, 2018
Benefits of extra-pair mating may depend on environmental conditions—an experimental study in the blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)
A Arct, SM Drobniak, E Podmokła, L Gustafson, M Cichoń
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67 (11), 1809-1815, 2013
Longitudinal studies confirm faster telomere erosion in short-lived bird species
J Sudyka, A Arct, SM Drobniak, M Cichoń
Journal of Ornithology, 2016
Reproductive trade‐offs in a long‐lived bird species: condition‐dependent reproductive allocation maintains female survival and offspring quality
M Griesser, GF Wagner, SM Drobniak, J Ekman
Journal of evolutionary biology 30 (4), 782-795, 2017
Sex‐specific heritability of cell‐mediated immune response in the blue tit nestlings (Cyanistes caeruleus)
SM Drobniak, D Wiejaczka, A Arct, A Dubiec, L Gustafsson, M Cichoń
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23 (6), 1286-1292, 2010
Fine‐scale kin recognition in the absence of social familiarity in the Siberian jay, a monogamous bird species
M Griesser, P Halvarsson, SM Drobniak, C Vilà
Molecular ecology 24 (22), 5726-5738, 2015
Determinants of prevalence and intensity of infection with malaria parasites in the blue tit
E Podmokła, A Dubiec, SM Drobniak, A Arct, L Gustafsson, M Cichoń
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Genetic variation in male attractiveness: it’s time to see the forest for the trees
ZM Prokop, SM Drobniak
Evolution 70, 913–921, 2016
Differential prevalence and diversity of haemosporidian parasites in two sympatric closely related non-migratory passerines
A Dubiec, E Podmokła, M Zagalska-Neubauer, SM Drobniak, A Arct, ...
Parasitology 143 (10), 1320-1329, 2016
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