Ozlem Defterli
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Cytowane przez
A central difference numerical scheme for fractional optimal control problems
D Baleanu, O Defterli, OP Agrawal
Journal of Vibration and Control 15 (4), 583-597, 2009
Fractional optimal control problems with several state and control variables
OP Agrawal, O Defterli, D Baleanu
Journal of Vibration and Control 16 (13), 1967-1976, 2010
Fractional diffusion on bounded domains
O Defterli, M D’Elia, Q Du, M Gunzburger, R Lehoucq, MM Meerschaert
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 18 (2), 342-360, 2015
Thermal and velocity slip effects on Casson nanofluid flow over an inclined permeable stretching cylinder via collocation method
M Usman, FA Soomro, RU Haq, W Wang, O Defterli
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 122, 1255-1263, 2018
Modeling, inference and optimization of regulatory networks based on time series data
GW Weber, O Defterli, SZA Gök, E Kropat
European Journal of Operational Research 211 (1), 1-14, 2011
The new robust conic GPLM method with an application to finance: prediction of credit default
A Özmen, GW Weber, Z Çavuşoğlu, Ö Defterli
Journal of Global Optimization 56 (2), 233-249, 2013
A numerical scheme for two-dimensional optimal control problems with memory effect
O Defterli
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 59 (5), 1630-1636, 2010
A second order accurate approximation for fractional derivatives with singular and non-singular kernel applied to a HIV model
S Arshad, O Defterli, D Baleanu
Applied Mathematics and Computation 374, 125061, 2020
Modern tools for the time-discrete dynamics and optimization of gene-environment networks
O Defterli, A Fügenschuh, GW Weber
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 16 (12), 4768-4779, 2011
Fuzzy prediction strategies for gene-environment networks–Fuzzy regression analysis for two-modal regulatory systems
E Kropat, A Özmen, GW Weber, S Meyer-Nieberg, O Defterli
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Killing-Yano tensors and angular momentum
D Baleanu, Ö Defterli
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New discretization and optimization techniques with results in the dynamics of gene-environment networks
O Defterli, A Fügenschuh, GW Weber
Proceedings of PCO, 2-4, 2010
A numerical framework for the approximate solution of fractional tumor-obesity model
S Arshad, D Baleanu, O Defterli, Shumaila
International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing 10 …, 2019
Advanced mathematical and statistical tools in the dynamic modelling and simulation of gene-environment networks
Ö Defterli, V Purutçuoğlu, GW Weber
Modeling, Optimization, Dynamics and Bioeconomy, 235-257, 2006
Modeling the impact of temperature on fractional order dengue model with vertical transmission
Ö Defterli
Vester’s sensitivity model for genetic networks with time-discrete dynamics
LA Moreno, O Defterli, A Fügenschuh, GW Weber
International Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology, 35-46, 2014
Advanced mathematical and statistical tools in the dynamic modeling and simulation of gene-environment regulatory networks
Ö Defterli, V Purutçuoğlu, GW Weber
Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics I, 237-257, 2014
Modern mathematical methods in modeling and dynamics of regulatory systems of gene-environment networks
Ö Defterli
The fractional dynamics of a linear triatomic molecule
D Baleanu, SS Sajjadi, A Jajarmi, O Defterli, JH Asad, P Tulkarm
Rom. Rep. Phys. 73 (1), 105, 2021
A new robust conic GPLM method with an Application to Finance and regulatory systems: prediction of credit default and a process version
A Özmen, G WWeber, Z Çavuşoğlu, Ö Defterli
preprint at IAM, METU, Ankara, 2011
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