Maurizio Ferrari
Maurizio Ferrari
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Cytowane przez
Spherical whispering‐gallery‐mode microresonators
A Chiasera, Y Dumeige, P Feron, M Ferrari, Y Jestin, G Nunzi Conti, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 4 (3), 457-482, 2010
Whispering gallery mode microresonators: fundamentals and applications
GC Righini, Y Dumeige, P Féron, M Ferrari, G Nunzi Conti, D Ristic, ...
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento 34, 435-488, 2011
Fabrication and characterization of nanoscale, -doped, ultratransparent oxy-fluoride glass ceramics
VK Tikhomirov, D Furniss, AB Seddon, IM Reaney, M Beggiora, M Ferrari, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (11), 1937-1939, 2002
Photoluminescence of rare-earth—doped glasses
GC Righini, M Ferrari
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento 28, 1-53, 2005
Erbium-doped tellurite glasses with high quantum efficiency and broadband stimulated emission cross section at 1.5 μm
R Rolli, M Montagna, S Chaussedent, A Monteil, VK Tikhomirov, M Ferrari
Optical materials 21 (4), 743-748, 2003
Luminescence of Eu3+ ions during thermal densification of SiO2 gel
R Campostrini, G Carturan, M Ferrari, M Montagna, O Pilla
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Clustering of rare earth in glasses, aluminum effect: experiments and modeling
A Monteil, S Chaussedent, G Alombert-Goget, N Gaumer, J Obriot, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 348, 44-50, 2004
Erbium-activated HfO2-based waveguides for photonics
RR Gonçalves, G Carturan, M Montagna, M Ferrari, L Zampedri, S Pelli, ...
Optical Materials 25 (2), 131-139, 2004
Mechanisms of Ag to Er energy transfer in silicate glasses: a photoluminescence study
M Mattarelli, M Montagna, K Vishnubhatla, A Chiasera, M Ferrari, ...
Physical Review B 75 (12), 125102, 2007
How do wettability, zeta potential and hydroxylation degree affect the biological response of biomaterials?
S Spriano, VS Chandra, A Cochis, F Uberti, L Rimondini, E Bertone, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 74, 542-555, 2017
Sol-gel Er-doped planar waveguides: A viable system for 1.5 μm application
RR Gonçalves, G Carturan, L Zampedri, M Ferrari, M Montagna, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (1), 28-30, 2002
Low optical loss planar waveguides prepared in an organic–inorganic hybrid system
SJL Ribeiro, Y Messaddeq, RR Goncalves, M Ferrari, M Montagna, ...
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Spectroscopic investigation of zinc borate glasses doped with trivalent europium ions
M Bettinelli, A Speghini, M Ferrari, M Montagna
Journal of non-crystalline solids 201 (3), 211-221, 1996
Diamond photonics platform enabled by femtosecond laser writing
B Sotillo, V Bharadwaj, JP Hadden, M Sakakura, A Chiappini, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 35566, 2016
Luminescence and Amplified Stimulated Emission in CdSe–ZnS‐Nanocrystal‐Doped TiO2 and ZrO2 Waveguides
J Jasieniak, J Pacifico, R Signorini, A Chiasera, M Ferrari, A Martucci, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (10), 1654-1662, 2007
Optical investigation of in a sodium borosilicate glass: Evidence for two different site distributions
G Pucker, K Gatterer, HP Fritzer, M Bettinelli, M Ferrari
Physical Review B 53 (10), 6225, 1996
Optical spectroscopy of zinc borate glass activated by Pr3+ ions
L Del Longo, M Ferrari, E Zanghellini, M Bettinelli, JA Capobianco, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 231 (1-2), 178-188, 1998
Low wavenumber Raman scattering of nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials
M Ivanda, K Furić, S Musić, M Ristić, M Gotić, D Ristić, AM Tonejc, I Djerdj, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy: An International Journal for Original Work in …, 2007
Design of photonic structures by sol–gel-derived silica nanospheres
A Chiappini, C Armellini, A Chiasera, M Ferrari, Y Jestin, M Mattarelli, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 353 (5-7), 674-678, 2007
Pulsed laser deposition of active waveguides
M Martino, AP Caricato, M Fernandez, G Leggieri, A Jha, M Ferrari, ...
Thin Solid Films 433 (1-2), 39-44, 2003
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