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Catalytic gold nanoparticles for nanoplasmonic detection of DNA hybridization
X Zheng, Q Liu, C Jing, Y Li, D Li, W Luo, Y Wen, Y He, Q Huang, YT Long, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (50), 12200-12204, 2011
Single Gold Nanoparticles as Real‐Time Optical Probes for the Detection of NADH‐Dependent Intracellular Metabolic Enzymatic Pathways
L Zhang, Y Li, DW Li, C Jing, X Chen, M Lv, Q Huang, YT Long, I Willner
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Y Li, C Jing, L Zhang, YT Long
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L Shi, C Jing, W Ma, DW Li, JE Halls, F Marken, YT Long
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (23), 6011-6014, 2013
Chrominance to dimension: a real-time method for measuring the size of single gold nanoparticles
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Narrowing band gap of platinum acetylide dye-sensitized solar cell sensitizers with thiophene π-bridges
W Wu, J Zhang, H Yang, B Jin, Y Hu, J Hua, C Jing, Y Long, H Tian
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5382-5389, 2012
New insights into electrocatalysis based on plasmon resonance for the real-time monitoring of catalytic events on single gold nanorods
C Jing, FJ Rawson, H Zhou, X Shi, WH Li, DW Li, YT Long
Analytical chemistry 86 (11), 5513-5518, 2014
An OFF–ON fluorescent probe for Zn 2+ based on a GFP-inspired imidazolone derivative attached to a 1, 10-phenanthroline moiety
Y Li, L Shi, LX Qin, LL Qu, C Jing, M Lan, TD James, YT Long
Chemical Communications 47 (15), 4361-4363, 2011
Localized surface plasmon resonance based nanobiosensors
YT Long, C Jing
Springer, 2014
Nanoplasmonic detection of adenosine triphosphate by aptamer regulated self-catalytic growth of single gold nanoparticles
Q Liu, C Jing, X Zheng, Z Gu, D Li, DW Li, Q Huang, YT Long, C Fan
Chemical Communications 48 (77), 9574-9576, 2012
Large-area fabrication of highly reproducible surface enhanced Raman substrate via a facile double sided tape-assisted transfer approach using hollow Au–Ag alloy nanourchins
Z Liu, L Cheng, L Zhang, C Jing, X Shi, Z Yang, Y Long, J Fang
Nanoscale 6 (5), 2567-2572, 2014
Single plasmonic nanoparticles as ultrasensitive sensors
T Xie, C Jing, YT Long
Analyst 142 (3), 409-420, 2017
Electrodeposition of Single‐Metal Nanoparticles on Stable Protein 1 Membranes: Application of Plasmonic Sensing by Single Nanoparticles
LX Qin, Y Li, DW Li, C Jing, BQ Chen, W Ma, A Heyman, O Shoseyov, ...
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C Jing, Z Gu, T Xie, YT Long
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Z Gu, C Jing, YL Ying, P He, YT Long
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L Shi, C Jing, Z Gu, YT Long
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Real-time monitoring of the aging of single plasmonic copper nanoparticles
LX Qin, C Jing, Y Li, DW Li, YT Long
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C Jing, L Shi, X Liu, YT Long
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T Xie, C Jing, W Ma, Z Ding, AJ Gross, YT Long
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Imaging electrocatalytic processes on single gold nanorods
C Jing, Z Gu, YT Long
Faraday discussions 193, 371-385, 2016
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