Andrea Cavalleri
Andrea Cavalleri
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter & University of Oxford
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Femtosecond Structural Dynamics in VO2 during an Ultrafast Solid-Solid Phase Transition
A Cavalleri, C Tóth, CW Siders, JA Squier, F Raksi, P Forget, JC Kieffer
Physical Review Letters 87 (23), 237401, 2001
Light-induced superconductivity in a stripe-ordered cuprate
AC D. Fausti, R.I. Tobey, S. Kaiser, M. Hoffman, N
Science 331, 6014, 2011
Evidence for a structurally-driven insulator-to-metal transition in VO2: A view from the ultrafast timescale
A Cavalleri, T Dekorsy, HHW Chong, JC Kieffer, RW Schoenlein
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C Rose-Petruck, R Jimenez, T Guo, A Cavalleri, CW Siders, F Rksi, ...
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Possible light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperature
M Mitrano, A Cantaluppi, D Nicoletti, S Kaiser, A Perucchi, S Lupi, ...
Nature 530 (7591), 461-464, 2016
Transient states of matter during short pulse laser ablation
K Sokolowski-Tinten, J Bialkowski, A Cavalleri, D von der Linde, A Oparin, ...
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CW Siders, A Cavalleri, K Sokolowski-Tinten, C Toth, T Guo, M Kammler, ...
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Coherent lattice vibrations measured with ultrafast x-rays near the Lindemann stability limit
K Sokolowski-Tinten, C Blome, J Blums, A Cavalleri, C Dietrich, ...
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R Mankowsky, A Subedi, M Först, SO Mariager, M Chollet, HT Lemke, ...
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Optically enhanced coherent transport in YBa2Cu3O6.5 by ultrafast redistribution of interlayer coupling
W Hu, S Kaiser, D Nicoletti, CR Hunt, I Gierz, MC Hoffmann, M Le Tacon, ...
Nature materials 13 (7), 705-711, 2014
Band-Selective Measurements of Electron Dynamics in VO2 Using Femtosecond Near-Edge X-Ray Absorption
A Cavalleri, M Rini, HHW Chong, S Fourmaux, TE Glover, PA Heimann, ...
Physical review letters 95 (6), 67405, 2005
Optically induced coherent transport far above T c in underdoped YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6+ δ
S Kaiser, CR Hunt, D Nicoletti, W Hu, I Gierz, HY Liu, M Le Tacon, T Loew, ...
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Nature photonics 2 (7), 415-419, 2008
Femtosecond melting and ablation of semiconductors studied with time of flight mass spectroscopy
A Cavalleri, K Sokolowski-Tinten, J Bialkowski, M Schreiner, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 85 (6), 3301-3309, 1999
Enhanced Photosusceptibility near Tc for the Light-Induced Insulator-to-Metal Phase Transition in Vanadium Dioxide
DJ Hilton, RP Prasankumar, S Fourmaux, A Cavalleri, D Brassard, ...
Physical review letters 99 (22), 226401, 2007
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