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Current trends in the enhancement of antioxidant activity of wheat bread by the addition of plant materials rich in phenolic compounds
D Dziki, R Różyło, U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca
Trends in Food Science & Technology 40 (1), 48-61, 2014
Antioxidant and anticancer activities of Chenopodium quinoa leaves extracts–in vitro study
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, M Sułkowski, D Dziki, B Baraniak, J Czyż
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Bread enriched with quinoa leaves–The influence of protein–phenolics interactions on the nutritional and antioxidant quality
M Świeca, Ł Sęczyk, U Gawlik-Dziki, D Dziki
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The effect of simulated digestion in vitro on bioactivity of wheat bread with Tartary buckwheat flavones addition
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The influence of protein–flavonoid interactions on protein digestibility in vitro and the antioxidant quality of breads enriched with onion skin
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Food Chemistry 141 (1), 451-458, 2013
Quality and antioxidant properties of breads enriched with dry onion (Allium cepa L.) skin
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, D Dziki, B Baraniak, J Tomiło, J Czyż
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Wheat kernel physical properties and milling process
D Dziki, J Laskowski
Acta agrophysica 6 (1), 59-71, 2005
Use of farinograph measurements for predicting extensograph traits of bread dough enriched with carob fibre and oat wholemeal
A Miś, S Grundas, D Dziki, J Laskowski
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The Effect of Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) Addition on Quality and Nutritional Value of Wheat Bread
D Romankiewicz, WH Hassoon, G Cacak-Pietrzak, M Sobczyk, ...
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Antioxidant, nutritional and functional characteristics of wheat bread enriched with ground flaxseed hulls
Ł Sęczyk, M Świeca, D Dziki, A Anders, U Gawlik-Dziki
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Comparison of phenolic acids profile and antioxidant potential of six varieties of spelt (Triticum spelta L.)
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, D Dziki
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Wheat bread enriched with green coffee–In vitro bioaccessibility and bioavailability of phenolics and antioxidant activity
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Effect of bioaccessibility of phenolic compounds on in vitro anticancer activity of broccoli sprouts
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The crushing of wheat kernels and its consequence on the grinding process
D Dziki
Powder Technology 185 (2), 181-186, 2008
Ground green coffee beans as a functional food supplement–Preliminary study
D Dziki, U Gawlik-Dziki, Ł Pecio, R Różyło, M Świeca, A Krzykowski, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 63 (1), 691-699, 2015
Evaluation of physical, sensorial, and antioxidant properties of gluten-free bread enriched with Moringa Oleifera leaf powder
H Bourekoua, R Różyło, U Gawlik-Dziki, L Benatallah, MN Zidoune, ...
European Food Research and Technology 244, 189-195, 2018
Physical, sensorial, and antioxidant properties of common wheat pasta enriched with carob fiber
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Anticancer and antioxidant activity of bread enriched with broccoli sprouts
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, D Dziki, Ł Sęczyk, U Złotek, R Różyło, ...
BioMed research international 2014 (1), 608053, 2014
Pomegranate seed powder as a functional component of gluten‐free bread (Physical, sensorial and antioxidant evaluation)
H Bourekoua, R Różyło, U Gawlik‐Dziki, L Benatallah, MN Zidoune, ...
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 53 (8), 1906-1913, 2018
Influence of pre-treatments and freeze-drying temperature on the process kinetics and selected physico-chemical properties of cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.)
S Rudy, D Dziki, A Krzykowski, U Gawlik-Dziki, R Polak, R Różyło, R Kulig
LWT-Food Science and Technology 63 (1), 497-503, 2015
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