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Olfa Zarrouk
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Cytowane przez
Grapevine under deficit irrigation: hints from physiological and molecular data
MM Chaves, O Zarrouk, R Francisco, JM Costa, T Santos, AP Regalado, ...
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ABCC1, an ATP Binding Cassette Protein from Grape Berry, Transports Anthocyanidin 3-O-Glucosides
RM Francisco, A Regalado, A Ageorges, BJ Burla, B Bassin, C Eisenach, ...
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Changes in cell/tissue organization and peroxidase activity as markers for early detection of graft incompatibility in peach/plum combinations
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Grape ripening is regulated by deficit irrigation/elevated temperatures according to cluster position in the canopy
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The grape aquaporin VvSIP1 transports water across the ER membrane
H Noronha, A Agasse, AP Martins, MC Berny, D Gomes, O Zarrouk, ...
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Drought and water management in Mediterranean vineyards
O Zarrouk, JM Costa, R Francisco, C Lopes, MM Chaves
Grapevine in a changing environment: a molecular and ecophysiological …, 2015
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Long-term graft compatibility study of peach-almond hybrid and plum based rootstocks budded with European and Japanese plums
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Carry‐over effects on bud fertility makes early defoliation a risky crop‐regulating practice in Mediterranean vineyards
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Phellem Cell-Wall Components Are Discriminants of Cork Quality in Quercus suber
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Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 944, 2019
Overexpressing Vitis vinifera YSK2 dehydrin in tobacco improves plant performance
R Jardak-Jamoussi, O Zarrouk, AB Salem, N Zoghlami, S Mejri, ...
Agricultural Water Management 164, 176-189, 2016
Deficit irrigation in Mediterranean vineyards-a tool to increase water use efficiency and to control grapevine and berry growth
JM Costa, CM Lopes, ML Rodrigues, TP Santos, R Francisco, O Zarrouk, ...
XXVIII International Horticultural Congress on Science and Horticulture for …, 2010
Can Mediterranean terroirs withstand climate change? Case studies at the Alentejo Portuguese winegrowing region
CM Lopes, JM Costa, R Egipto, O Zarrouk, MM Chaves
E3S Web of Conferences 50, 01004, 2018
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