Fernando Soler-Toscano
Fernando Soler-Toscano
Dpto. de Filosofía, Lógica y Filosofía de la Ciencia. Universidad de Sevilla
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Cytowane przez
Calculating Kolmogorov complexity from the output frequency distributions of small Turing machines
F Soler-Toscano, H Zenil, JP Delahaye, N Gauvrit
PloS one 9 (5), e96223, 2014
A decomposition method for global evaluation of Shannon entropy and local estimations of algorithmic complexity
H Zenil, S Hernández-Orozco, NA Kiani, F Soler-Toscano, ...
Entropy 20 (8), 605, 2018
Correlation of automorphism group size and topological properties with program-size complexity evaluations of graphs and complex networks
H Zenil, F Soler-Toscano, K Dingle, AA Louis
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 404, 341-358, 2014
Two-dimensional Kolmogorov complexity and an empirical validation of the Coding theorem method by compressibility
H Zenil, F Soler-Toscano, JP Delahaye, N Gauvrit
PeerJ Computer Science 1, e23, 2015
Algorithmic complexity for short binary strings applied to psychology: a primer
N Gauvrit, H Zenil, JP Delahaye, F Soler-Toscano
Behavior research methods 46, 732-744, 2014
Algorithmic complexity for psychology: a user-friendly implementation of the coding theorem method
N Gauvrit, H Singmann, F Soler-Toscano, H Zenil
Behavior research methods 48, 314-329, 2016
Human behavioral complexity peaks at age 25
N Gauvrit, H Zenil, F Soler-Toscano, JP Delahaye, P Brugger
PLoS computational biology 13 (4), e1005408, 2017
Correspondence and independence of numerical evaluations of algorithmic information measures
F Soler-Toscano, H Zenil, JP Delahaye, N Gauvrit
Computability 2 (2), 125-140, 2013
Natural scene statistics mediate the perception of image complexity
N Gauvrit, F Soler-Toscano, H Zenil
Visual Cognition 22 (8), 1084-1091, 2014
Informational structures: A dynamical system approach for integrated information
FJ Esteban, JA Galadí, JA Langa, JR Portillo, F Soler-Toscano
PLoS computational biology 14 (9), e1006154, 2018
Fractal dimension analysis of states of consciousness and unconsciousness using transcranial magnetic stimulation
JR de Miras, F Soler, S Iglesias-Parro, AJ Ibáñez-Molina, AG Casali, ...
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 175, 129-137, 2019
Measuring complexity to infer changes in the dynamics of ecological systems under stress
V Dakos, F Soler-Toscano
Ecological Complexity 32, 144-155, 2017
Razonamiento abductivo en lógica clásica
F Soler Toscano
College Publications, 2012
Empirical encounters with computational irreducibility and unpredictability
H Zenil, F Soler-Toscano, JJ Joosten
Minds and Machines 22, 149-165, 2012
An epistemic and dynamic approach to abductive reasoning: Abductive problem and abductive solution
FR Velázquez-Quesada, F Soler-Toscano, Á Nepomuceno-Fernández
Journal of Applied Logic 11 (4), 505-522, 2013
A colouring protocol for the generalized Russian cards problem
A Cordón-Franco, H Van Ditmarsch, D Fernández-Duque, ...
Theoretical Computer Science 495, 81-95, 2013
An epistemic and dynamic approach to abductive reasoning: selecting the best explanation
Á Nepomuceno-Fernández, F Soler-Toscano, FR Velázquez-Quesada
Logic Journal of the IGPL 21 (6), 943-961, 2013
Informational structures and informational fields as a prototype for the description of postulates of the integrated information theory
P Kalita, JA Langa, F Soler-Toscano
Entropy 21 (5), 493, 2019
A preference for some types of complexity comment on “perceived beauty of random texture patterns: A preference for complexity”
N Gauvrit, F Soler-Toscano, A Guida
Acta psychologica 174, 48-53, 2017
Graph automorphisms and topological characterization of complex networks by algorithmic information content
H Zenil, F Soler-Toscano, K Dingle, A Louis
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 404, 341-358, 2014
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