Huseyin Hisil
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Twisted Edwards curves revisited
H Hisil, KKH Wong, G Carter, E Dawson
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A simple and compact algorithm for SIDH with arbitrary degree isogenies
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Faster group operations on elliptic curves
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H Hisil, KKH Wong, G Carter, E Dawson
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High-performance scalar multiplication using 8-dimensional GLV/GLS decomposition
JW Bos, C Costello, H Hisil, K Lauter
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Elliptic curves, group law, and efficient computation
H Hişil
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C Costello, H Hisil, C Boyd, J Gonzalez Nieto, KKH Wong
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How to (pre-)compute a ladder
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https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/264.pdf, 2017
Faster Compact Diffie–Hellman: Endomorphisms on the x-line
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Jacobian coordinates on genus 2 curves
H Hisil, C Costello
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Fast 4 way vectorized ladder for the complete set of montgomery curves
H Hişil, B Eğrice, M Yassi
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Speeding up Huff form of elliptic curves
NG Orhon, H Hisil
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S Atay, A Koltuksuz, H Hisil, S Eren
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H Hisil, J Renes
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d-MUL: Optimizing and Implementing a Multidimensional Scalar Multiplication Algorithm over Elliptic Curves
H Hisil, A Hutchinson, K Karabina
Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering: 8th International …, 2018
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H Hisil, KKH Wong, G Carter, E Dawson
Springer, 2008
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