David Miller
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Waiting to vote in the 2016 presidential election: Evidence from a multi-county study
RM Stein, C Mann, C Stewart III, Z Birenbaum, A Fung, J Greenberg, ...
Political Research Quarterly 73 (2), 439-453, 2020
On whose door to knock? Organized interests’ strategic pursuit of access to members of congress
DR Miller
Legislative Studies Quarterly 47 (1), 157-192, 2022
Pass the buck or the buck stops here? The public costs of claiming and deflecting blame in managing crises
D Miller, A Reeves
Journal of Public Policy 42 (1), 63-91, 2022
Pedagogical value of polling-place observation by students
CB Mann, GA Alberda, NA Birkhead, Y Ouyang, C Singer, C Stewart, ...
PS: Political Science & Politics 51 (4), 831-837, 2018
Empirical approaches to the study of access
DR Miller
Interest Groups & Advocacy 10 (3), 286-302, 2021
Does Lobbying Affect Bill Advancement? Evidence from Three State Legislatures
DM Butler, DR Miller
Political Research Quarterly 75 (3), 547-561, 2022
Polling place quality and access
R Stein, C Mann, C Stewart
The Future of Election Administration, 83-100, 2020
Preferential Abstention in Conjoint Experiments
D Miller, J Ziegler
OSF Preprints, 2022
Your Honor’s Misdeeds: The Consequences of Judicial Scandal on Specific and Diffuse Support
J Boston, BJ Kassow, AS Masood, DR Miller
PS: Political Science & Politics 56 (2), 195-200, 2023
Attitudes Toward Delegation to Presidential Commissions
DR Miller, A Reeves
Presidential Studies Quarterly 47 (3), 495-516, 2017
The President Will See Whom Now? Presidential Engagement with Organized Interests
DR Miller
American Political Science Review 117 (3), 1019-1035, 2023
All the Presidents' Organized Interests
DR Miller
Washington University in St. Louis, 2020
US Presidential Campaigns and Their Impact
D Miller, B Moy, A Reeves
Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science, 2018
Acting (s) without consequence: The (lack of) public costs for vacancies and acting officials
DR Miller, C Piper
Presidential Studies Quarterly, 2024
(Small D-democratic) vacation, all I ever wanted? The effect of democratic backsliding on leisure travel in the American states
DR Miller, SD Smith
Journal of Experimental Political Science, 1-11, 2024
The Junior Americanist Workshop Series
C Ladam, A Bussing, AC Furnas, J McCrain, DR Miller, R Porter
PS: Political Science & Politics 55 (3), 552-553, 2022
If Trump took responsibility for coronavirus missteps, it might actually help him
DR Miller, A Reeves
The Washington Post, 2020
Lobbying Against Discrimination: The Effects of Race and Gender in Lobbyist Hiring Decisions
BCK Egerod, HJG Hassell, J McCrain, DR Miller
Using Expert Evaluations to Scale Organized Interest Ideology
BCK Egerod, HJG Hassell, J McCrain, DR Miller
Hiring Faithful Agents, Expertise, or Connections? A Conjoint Survey Experiment on Lobbyist Hiring Decisions
BCK Egerod, HJG Hassell, J McCrain, DR Miller
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