Małgorzata Kasprowicz-Potocka
Małgorzata Kasprowicz-Potocka
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
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Cytowane przez
Non-nutritive compounds in Fabaceae family seeds and the improvement of their nutritional quality by traditional processing–a review
P Gulewicz, C Martinez-Villaluenga, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, J Frias
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 64 (2), 2014
The nutritional value of narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) for broilers.
SA Kaczmarek, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, M Hejdysz, R Mikuła, A Rutkowski
The effect of dry yeast fermentation on chemical composition and protein characteristics of blue lupin seeds
M Kasprowicz-Potocka, P Borowczyk, A Zaworska, W Nowak, ...
Food Technology and Biotechnology 54 (3), 360-366, 2016
The nutritional value of yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) for broilers
SA Kaczmarek, M Hejdysz, M Kubis, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Rutkowski
Animal Feed Science and Technology 222, 43-53, 2016
The influence of lupin seed germination on the chemical composition and standardized ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids in pigs
K Chilomer, M Kasprowicz‐Potocka, P Gulewicz, A Frankiewicz
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 97 (4), 639-646, 2013
The nutritional value and physiological properties of diets with raw and Candida utilis-fermented lupin seeds in rats
M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Zaworska, A Frankiewics, W Nowak, ...
Food technology and biotechnology 53 (3), 286-297, 2015
Effect of salts and organic acids on metabolite production and microbial parameters of piglets' digestive tract
M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Frankiewicz, M Selwet, K Chilomer
Livestock Science 126 (1-3), 310-313, 2009
Effect of increasing levels of raw and extruded narrow-leafed lupin seeds in broiler diet on performance parameters, nutrient digestibility and AMEN value of diet.
M Hejdysz, SA Kaczmarek, M Kubiś, D Jamroz, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, ...
The effect of eubiotic feed additives on the performance of growing pigs and the activity of intestinal microflora
P Nowak, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Zaworska, W Nowak, B Stefańska, ...
Archives of animal nutrition 71 (6), 455-469, 2017
The effect of feeding raw and germinated Lupinus luteus and Lupinus angustifolius seeds on the growth performance of young pigs.
M Kasprowicz-Potocka, K Chilomer, A Zaworska, W Nowak, ...
The effect of Yarrowia lipolytica culture on growth performance, ruminal fermentation and blood parameters of dairy calves
B Stefańska, J Komisarek, D Stanisławski, M Gąsiorek, ...
Animal feed science and technology 243, 72-79, 2018
Effect of cow nutrition in the far-off period on colostrum quality and immune response of calves
W Nowak, R Mikuła, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, M Ignatowicz, A Zachwieja, ...
Journal of Veterinary Research 56 (2), 241-246, 2012
The effect of fermentation of high alkaloid seeds of Lupinus angustifolius var. Karo by Saccharomyces cerevisieae, Kluyveromyces lactis, and Candida utilis on …
M Kasprowicz‐Potocka, A Zaworska, P Gulewicz, P Nowak, A Frankiewicz
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 42 (2), e13487, 2018
The effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on ruminal fermentation in sheep fed high- or low-NDF rations.
S Grochowska, W Nowak, R Mikuła, M Kasprowicz-Potocka
The effects and mechanisms of acids on the health of piglets and weaners–a review
P Nowak, A Zaworska-Zakrzewska, A Frankiewicz, M Kasprowicz-Potocka
Annals of Animal Science 21 (2), 433-455, 2021
The Shape of the Nasal Cavity and Adaptations to Sniffing in the Dog (Canis familiaris) Compared to Other Domesticated Mammals: A Review Article
A Buzek, K Serwańska-Leja, A Zaworska-Zakrzewska, ...
Animals 12 (4), 517, 2022
A comparison of the composition and contamination of soybean cultivated in Europe and limitation of raw soy seed content in weaned pigs’ diets
A Zaworska-Zakrzewska, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, M Twarużek, R Kosicki, ...
Animals 10 (11), 1972, 2020
The influence of narrow-leafed lupin seed fermentation on their chemical composition and ileal digestibility and microbiota in growing pigs
A Zaworska, A Frankiewicz, M Kasprowicz-Potocka
Archives of animal nutrition 71 (4), 285-296, 2017
Effects of fermentation of narrow-leafed lupine (L. angustifolius) seeds on their chemical composition and physiological parameters in rats.
A Zaworska, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Frankiewicz, Z Zduńczyk, ...
The effect of combined feed additives on growing pigs’ performance and digestive tract parameters
P Nowak, M Kasprowicz-Potocka, A Zaworska, W Nowak, B Stefańska, ...
Annals of Animal Science 19 (3), 807-819, 2019
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