Pantelis Tsoulfas
Pantelis Tsoulfas
Associate Professor University of Miami School of Medicine
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Cytowane przez
Pluripotent stem cells engrafted into the normal or lesioned adult rat spinal cord are restricted to a glial lineage
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Targeted deletion of all isoforms of the trkC gene suggests the use of alternate receptors by its ligand neurotrophin-3 in neuronal development and implicates trkC in normal …
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cDNA cloning of human hnRNP protein Al reveals the existence of multiple mRNA isoforms
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High resolution mapping of the binding site of TrkA for nerve growth factor and TrkC for neurotrophin-3 on the second immunoglobulin-like domain of the Trk receptors
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Absence of major histocompatibility complex class I on neural stem cells does not permit natural killer cell killing and prevents recognition by alloreactive cytotoxic T …
M Mammolenti, S Gajavelli, P Tsoulfas, R Levy
Stem cells 22 (6), 1101-1110, 2004
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