Peter G. Fennell
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Limitations of discrete-time approaches to continuous-time contagion dynamics
PG Fennell, S Melnik, JP Gleeson
Physical Review E 94 (5), 052125, 2016
Mathematical modeling of complex contagion on clustered networks
DJP O'Sullivan, GJ O'Keeffe, PG Fennell, JP Gleeson
Frontiers in Physics 3, 71, 2015
Multistate dynamical processes on networks: analysis through degree-based approximation frameworks
PG Fennell, JP Gleeson
SIAM Review 61 (1), 92-118, 2019
Can you Trust the Trend? Discovering Simpson's Paradoxes in Social Data
N Alipourfard, PG Fennell, K Lerman
Proceedings of the eleventh ACM international conference on web search and …, 2018
Using Simpson’s paradox to discover interesting patterns in behavioral data
N Alipourfard, PG Fennell, K Lerman
Twelfth international AAAI conference on web and social media, 2018
Predicting and explaining behavioral data with structured feature space decomposition
PG Fennell, Z Zuo, K Lerman
EPJ Data Science 8 (1), 23, 2019
Branching process descriptions of information cascades on Twitter
JP Gleeson, T Onaga, P Fennell, J Cotter, R Burke, DJP O’Sullivan
Journal of Complex Networks 8 (6), cnab002, 2020
Degree correlations amplify the growth of cascades in networks
XZ Wu, PG Fennell, AG Percus, K Lerman
Physical Review E 98 (2), 022321, 2018
Is It Possible to Visualise Any Stock Flow Consistent Model as a Directed Acyclic Graph?
PG Fennell, DJP O’Sullivan, A Godin, S Kinsella
Computational Economics, 1-10, 2015
Analytical approach to the dynamics of facilitated spin models on random networks
PG Fennell, JP Gleeson, D Cellai
Physical Review E 90 (3), 032824, 2014
Stochastic processes on complex networks: techniques and explorations
PG Fennell
University of Limerick, 2015
Visualising stock flow consistent models as directed acyclic graphs
P Fennell, D O'Sullivan, A Godin, S Kinsella
Electricity Exchange: Demand Side Unit performance monitoring
V Bokharaie, P Carroll, M Devine, P Fennell, J Gleeson, K Hayes, ...
The Genetic Algorithm as a Tool to Fit Neuronal Spiking Model
P Fennell
Trinity College Dublin, 2011
Supplementary Information to Predicting and Explaining Behavioral Data with Structured Feature Space Decomposition
P Fennell, Z Zuo, K Lerman
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