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Cytowane przez
Identification of a new glucosinolate-rich cell type in Arabidopsis flower stalk
OA Koroleva, A Davies, R Deeken, MR Thorpe, AD Tomos, R Hedrich
Plant Physiology 124 (2), 599-608, 2000
Loss of the AKT2/3 potassium channel affects sugar loading into the phloem of Arabidopsis
R Deeken, D Geiger, J Fromm, O Koroleva, P Ache, R Langenfeld-Heyser, ...
Planta 216 (2), 334-344, 2002
High‐throughput protein localization in Arabidopsis using Agrobacterium‐mediated transient expression of GFP‐ORF fusions
OA Koroleva, ML Tomlinson, D Leader, P Shaw, JH Doonan
The Plant Journal 41 (1), 162-174, 2005
Analysis of phytochemical composition and chemoprotective capacity of rocket (Eruca sativa and Diplotaxis tenuifolia) leafy salad following cultivation in different environments
J Jin, OA Koroleva, T Gibson, J Swanston, J Magan, Y Zhang, IR Rowland, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 57 (12), 5227-5234, 2009
Glucosinolate‐accumulating S‐cells in Arabidopsis leaves and flower stalks undergo programmed cell death at early stages of differentiation
OA Koroleva, TM Gibson, R Cramer, C Stain
The Plant Journal 64 (3), 456-469, 2010
CycD1, a putative G1 cyclin from Antirrhinum majus, accelerates the cell cycle in cultured tobacco BY-2 cells by enhancing both G1/S entry and progression through S and G2 phases
OA Koroleva, M Tomlinson, P Parinyapong, L Sakvarelidze, D Leader, ...
The Plant Cell 16 (9), 2364-2379, 2004
Dynamic behavior of Arabidopsis eIF4A-III, putative core protein of exon junction complex: fast relocation to nucleolus and splicing speckles under hypoxia
OA Koroleva, G Calder, AF Pendle, SH Kim, D Lewandowska, ...
The Plant Cell 21 (5), 1592-1606, 2009
Aberrant mRNA transcripts and the nonsense-mediated decay proteins UPF2 and UPF3 are enriched in the Arabidopsis nucleolus
SH Kim, OA Koroleva, D Lewandowska, AF Pendle, GP Clark, ...
The Plant Cell 21 (7), 2045-2057, 2009
Knockdown of CENH3 in Arabidopsis reduces mitotic divisions and causes sterility by disturbed meiotic chromosome segregation
I Lermontova, O Koroleva, T Rutten, J Fuchs, V Schubert, I Moraes, ...
The Plant Journal 68 (1), 40-50, 2011
Phloem loading in two Scrophulariaceae species. What can drive symplastic flow via plasmodesmata?
OV Voitsekhovskaja, OA Koroleva, DR Batashev, C Knop, AD Tomos, ...
Plant physiology 140 (1), 383-395, 2006
Carbohydrates in individual cells of epidermis, mesophyll, and bundle sheath in barley leaves with changed export or photosynthetic rate
OA Koroleva, JF Farrar, AD Tomos, CJ Pollock
Plant Physiology 118 (4), 1525-1532, 1998
Phloem hydrostatic pressure relates to solute loading rate: a direct test of the Münch hypothesis
N Gould, MR Thorpe, O Koroleva, PEH Minchin
Functional Plant Biology 32 (11), 1019-1026, 2005
Balancing supply and demand: the spatial regulation of carbon metabolism in grass and cereal leaves
C Pollock, J Farrar, D Tomos, J Gallagher, C Lu, O Koroleva
Journal of Experimental Botany 54 (382), 489-494, 2003
Patterns of solute in individual mesophyll, bundle sheath and epidermal cells of barley leaves induced to accumulate carbohydrate
OA Koroleva, JF Farrar, AD Tomos, CJ Pollock
The New Phytologist 136 (1), 97-104, 1997
Mass spectrometry imaging of glucosinolates in Arabidopsis flowers and siliques
J Sarsby, MW Towers, C Stain, R Cramer, OA Koroleva
Phytochemistry 77, 110-118, 2012
Single-cell proteomic analysis of glucosinolate-rich S-cells in< i> Arabidopsis thaliana</i>
OA Koroleva, R Cramer
Methods 54 (4), 413-423, 2011
Source–sink coupling in young barley plants and control of phloem loading
PEH Minchin, MR Thorpe, JF Farrar, OA Koroleva
Journal of experimental botany 53 (374), 1671-1676, 2002
Plant U13 orthologues and orphan snoRNAs identified by RNomics of RNA from Arabidopsis nucleoli
SH Kim, M Spensley, SK Choi, CPG Calixto, AF Pendle, O Koroleva, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (9), 3054-3067, 2010
Rubisco Small Subunit, Chlorophylla/b-Binding Protein and Sucrose: Fructan-6-Fructosyl Transferase Gene Expression and Sugar Status in Single Barley Leaf Cells in Situ. Cell …
C Lu, OA Koroleva, JF Farrar, J Gallagher, CJ Pollock, AD Tomos
Plant physiology 130 (3), 1335-1348, 2002
Tissue distribution of primary metabolism between epidermal, mesophyll and parenchymatous bundle sheath cells in barley leaves
OA Koroleva, AD Tomos, J Farrar, P Roberts, CJ Pollock
Functional Plant Biology 27 (9), 747-755, 2000
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