Stacy Marsella
Stacy Marsella
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A domain-independent framework for modeling emotion
J Gratch, S Marsella
Cognitive Systems Research 5 (4), 269-306, 2004
Emotional expressions reconsidered: Challenges to inferring emotion from human facial movements
LF Barrett, R Adolphs, S Marsella, AM Martinez, SD Pollak
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S Kopp, B Krenn, S Marsella, AN Marshall, C Pelachaud, H Pirker, ...
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R Nair, M Tambe, M Yokoo, D Pynadath, S Marsella
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S Marsella, J Gratch, P Petta
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EMA: A process model of appraisal dynamics
SC Marsella, J Gratch
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D DeVault, R Artstein, G Benn, T Dey, E Fast, A Gainer, K Georgila, ...
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G Jonathan, M Stacy
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Interactive pedagogical drama
SC Marsella, WL Johnson, C LaBore
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Toward the Holodeck: Integrating Graphics
W Swartout, R Hill, J Gratch, WL Johnson, C Kyriakakis, K Labore, ...
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J Gratch, A Okhmatovskaia, F Lamothe, S Marsella, M Morales, ...
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Nonverbal behavior generator for embodied conversational agents
J Lee, S Marsella
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ESCAPES: evacuation simulation with children, authorities, parents, emotions, and social comparison.
J Tsai, N Fridman, E Bowring, M Brown, S Epstein, GA Kaminka, ...
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Evaluating a computational model of emotion
J Gratch, S Marsella
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The distress analysis interview corpus of human and computer interviews
J Gratch, R Artstein, G Lucas, G Stratou, S Scherer, A Nazarian, R Wood, ...
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and …, 2014
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