Alexander Ling
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Progress in satellite quantum key distribution
R Bedington, JM Arrazola, A Ling
npj Quantum Information 3 (1), 30, 2017
Interference of single photons from two separate semiconductor quantum dots
EB Flagg, A Muller, SV Polyakov, A Ling, A Migdall, GS Solomon
Physical Review Letters 104 (13), 137401, 2010
Advances in space quantum communications
JS Sidhu, SK Joshi, M Gündoğan, T Brougham, D Lowndes, L Mazzarella, ...
IET Quantum Communication 2 (4), 182-217, 2021
Experimental falsification of Leggett’s nonlocal variable model
C Branciard, A Ling, N Gisin, C Kurtsiefer, A Lamas-Linares, V Scarani
Physical Review Letters 99 (21), 210407, 2007
CubeSat quantum communications mission
DKL Oi, A Ling, G Vallone, P Villoresi, S Greenland, E Kerr, M Macdonald, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 4, 1-20, 2017
Testing quantum correlations versus single-particle properties within Leggett’s model and beyond
C Branciard, N Brunner, N Gisin, C Kurtsiefer, A Lamas-Linares, A Ling, ...
Nature Physics 4 (9), 681-685, 2008
Fault-tolerant and finite-error localization for point emitters within the diffraction limit
ZS Tang, K Durak, A Ling
Optics express 24 (19), 22004-22012, 2016
Experimental polarization state tomography using optimal polarimeters
A Ling, KP Soh, A Lamas-Linares, C Kurtsiefer
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 74 (2), 022309, 2006
Generation and analysis of correlated pairs of photons aboard a nanosatellite
Z Tang, R Chandrasekara, YC Tan, C Cheng, L Sha, GC Hiang, DKL Oi, ...
Physical Review Applied 5 (5), 054022, 2016
Entangled photon-pair sources based on three-wave mixing in bulk crystals
A Anwar, C Perumangatt, F Steinlechner, T Jennewein, A Ling
Review of Scientific Instruments 92 (4), 2021
Entanglement demonstration on board a nano-satellite
A Villar, A Lohrmann, X Bai, T Vergoossen, R Bedington, C Perumangatt, ...
Optica 7 (7), 734-737, 2020
Absolute emission rates of spontaneous parametric down-conversion into single transverse Gaussian modes
A Ling, A Lamas-Linares, C Kurtsiefer
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 77 (4), 043834, 2008
A versatile waveguide source of photon pairs for chip-scale quantum information processing
J Chen, AJ Pearlman, A Ling, J Fan, A Migdall
Optics express 17 (8), 6727-6740, 2009
Experimental quantum key distribution based on a Bell test
A Ling, MP Peloso, I Marcikic, V Scarani, A Lamas-Linares, C Kurtsiefer
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 78 (2), 020301, 2008
Wigner tomography of two-qubit states and quantum cryptography
T Durt, C Kurtsiefer, A Lamas-Linares, A Ling
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 78 (4), 042338, 2008
Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missions
R Bedington, X Bai, E Truong-Cao, YC Tan, K Durak, A Villar Zafra, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 3 (1), 1-10, 2016
Coalescence of single photons emitted by disparate single-photon sources: the example of InAs Quantum Dots and Parametric Down Conversion Sources
GSS Sergey V. Polyakov, Andreas Muller, Edward B. Flagg, Alexander Ling ...
Physical Review Letters 107, 157402, 2011
Modelling of satellite constellations for trusted node QKD networks
T Vergoossen, S Loarte, R Bedington, H Kuiper, A Ling
Acta Astronautica 173, 164-171, 2020
Silicon avalanche photodiode operation and lifetime analysis for small satellites
YC Tan, R Chandrasekara, C Cheng, A Ling
Optics express 21 (14), 16946-16954, 2013
Nanosatellites for quantum science and technology
DKL Oi, A Ling, JA Grieve, T Jennewein, AN Dinkelaker, M Krutzik
Contemporary Physics 58 (1), 25-52, 2017
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