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Low investment in sexual reproduction threatens plants adapted to phosphorus limitation
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Conservation management in fens: do large tracked mowers impact functional plant diversity?
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Importance of water level dynamics for vegetation patterns in a natural percolation mire (Rospuda fen, NE Poland)
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Understanding the long term ecosystem stability of a fen mire by analyzing subsurface geology, eco-hydrology and nutrient stoichiometry–case study of the Rospuda Valley (NE Poland)
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Catchment-scale analysis reveals high cost-effectiveness of wetland buffer zones as a remedy to non-point nutrient pollution in north-eastern Poland
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The historical development of vegetation of foreshore mires beside humic lakes: different successional pathways under various environmental conditions
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Chloroplast DNA variation of Betula humilis Schrk. in Poland and Belarus
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Aquatic and swamp plant communities as indicators of habitat properties of astatic water bodies in north-eastern Poland
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Could Betula humilis have survived the last glaciation at a current margin of its distribution? Testing the hypothesis of a glacial refugium using nuclear microsatellites
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Blood cadmium levels as a marker for early lung cancer detection
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Impact of vegetation harvesting on nutrient removal and plant biomass quality in wetland buffer zones
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Aneuploids in the shrub birch Betula humilis populations in Poland
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Alleviation of plant stress precedes termination of rich fen stages in peat profiles of lowland mires
E Jabłońska, D Michaelis, M Tokarska, K Goldstein, M Grygoruk, M Wilk, ...
Ecosystems 23, 730-740, 2020
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