Stephan Krenn
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Cache games--bringing access-based cache attacks on AES to practice
D Gullasch, E Bangerter, S Krenn
2011 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 490-505, 2011
Learning with Rounding, Revisited: New Reduction, Properties and Applications
J Alwen, S Krenn, K Pietrzak, D Wichs
Advances in Cryptology–CRYPTO 2013, 2013
Better zero-knowledge proofs for lattice encryption and their application to group signatures
F Benhamouda, J Camenisch, S Krenn, V Lyubashevsky, G Neven
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2014: 20th International Conference on the …, 2014
Chameleon-Hashes with Ephemeral Trapdoors: And Applications to Invisible Sanitizable Signatures
J Camenisch, D Derler, S Krenn, HC Pöhls, K Samelin, D Slamanig
Public-Key Cryptography–PKC 2017: 20th IACR International Conference on …, 2017
Commitments and Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs from Learning Parity with Noise
A Jain, S Krenn, K Pietrzak, A Tentes
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Commitments from Learning With Errors over Rings
F Benhamouda, S Krenn, V Lyubashevsky, K Pietrzak
European Symposium on Research in Computer Science - ESORICS, 2015
A framework for practical universally composable zero-knowledge protocols
J Camenisch, S Krenn, V Shoup
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2011: 17th International Conference on the …, 2011
A certifying compiler for zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge based on σ-protocols
JB Almeida, E Bangerter, M Barbosa, S Krenn, AR Sadeghi, T Schneider
Computer Security–ESORICS 2010: 15th European Symposium on Research in …, 2010
Formal Treatment of Privacy-Enhancing Credential Systems
J Camenisch, S Krenn, A Lehmann, GL Mikkelsen, G Neven, ...
https://eprint.iacr.org/, 2014
Full proof cryptography: verifiable compilation of efficient zero-knowledge protocols
J Bacelar Almeida, M Barbosa, E Bangerter, G Barthe, S Krenn, ...
Proceedings of the 2012 ACM conference on Computer and communications …, 2012
Universal composition with responsive environments
J Camenisch, RR Enderlein, S Krenn, R Küsters, D Rausch
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2016: 22nd International Conference on the …, 2016
Revisiting proxy re-encryption: forward secrecy, improved security, and applications
D Derler, S Krenn, T Lorünser, S Ramacher, D Slamanig, C Striecks
Public-Key Cryptography–PKC 2018: 21st IACR International Conference on …, 2018
CREDENTIAL: a framework for privacy-preserving cloud-based data sharing
F Hörandner, S Krenn, A Migliavacca, F Thiemer, B Zwattendorfer
2016 11th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security …, 2016
Automatic generation of sound zero-knowledge protocols
E Bangerter, J Camenisch, S Krenn, AR Sadeghi, T Schneider
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2008
Architecture for Attribute-based Credential Technologies
P Bichsel, J Camenisch, M Dubovitskaya, RR Enderlein, S Krenn, ...
ABC4Trust - Deliverable to the European Commision, 2014
iUC: flexible universal composability made simple
J Camenisch, S Krenn, R Küsters, D Rausch
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2019: 25th International Conference on the …, 2019
Automatic generation of sigma-protocols
E Bangerter, T Briner, W Henecka, S Krenn, AR Sadeghi, T Schneider
Public Key Infrastructures, Services and Applications: 6th European Workshop …, 2010
Bringing Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge to Practice
S Krenn
Security Protocols XVII, 63-68, 2009
Practical strongly invisible and strongly accountable sanitizable signatures
MT Beck, J Camenisch, D Derler, S Krenn, HC Pöhls, K Samelin, ...
Information Security and Privacy: 22nd Australasian Conference, ACISP 2017 …, 2017
Efficiency limitations for Σ-protocols for group homomorphisms
E Bangerter, J Camenisch, S Krenn
Theory of Cryptography: 7th Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2010 …, 2010
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