Pavel Kisilev, PhD
Pavel Kisilev, PhD
CTO AI, Huawei Tel Aviv Research Center
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Low-bit quantization of neural networks for efficient inference
Y Choukroun, E Kravchik, F Yang, P Kisilev
2019 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshop (ICCVW …, 2019
Blind source separation via multinode sparse representation
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Feature-aware image defect removal
P Kisilev
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Creating deep learning models using feature augmentation
P Kisilev
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Computational mammography using deep neural networks
A Dubrovina, P Kisilev, B Ginsburg, S Hashoul, R Kimmel
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Medical image description using multi-task-loss CNN
P Kisilev, E Sason, E Barkan, S Hashoul
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Deep learning for decoding of linear codes-a syndrome-based approach
A Bennatan, Y Choukroun, P Kisilev
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Fast mean shift by compact density representation
D Freedman, P Kisilev
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From medical image to automatic medical report generation
P Kisilev, E Walach, E Barkan, B Ophir, S Alpert, SY Hashoul
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Object-to-object color transfer: Optimal flows and smsp transformations
D Freedman, P Kisilev
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Print defect detection
P Kisilev, G Ruckenstein
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Systems and methods for automatic detection of an indication of abnormality in an anatomical image
A Akselrod-Ballin, R Bakalo, R Ben-Ari, Y Choukroun, P Kisilev
US Patent 10,878,569, 2020
Mammogram Classification and Abnormality Detection from Nonlocal Labels using Deep Multiple Instance Neural Network.
Y Choukroun, R Bakalo, R Ben-Ari, A Akselrod-Ballin, E Barkan, P Kisilev
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Image processing based on local noise statistics
SH Lim, P Kisilev
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Anomaly detection in medical imagery
S Alpert, P Kisilev
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Classifying medical images using deep convolution neural network (CNN) architecture
R Ben-Ari, P Kisilev, J Sulam
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Semantic Description of Medical Image Findings: Structured Learning Approach
P Kisilev, E Walach, S Hashoul, E Barkan, B Ophir, S Alpert
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Image processing using target values
P Kisilev, B Oicherman
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M Zibulevsky, B Pearlmutter, P Bofill, P Kisilev
Cambridge University Press, 2000
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