Pamela Ban
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Challenger quality and the incumbency advantage
P Ban, E Llaudet, JM Snyder Jr
Legislative Studies Quarterly 41 (1), 153-179, 2016
Presence and influence in lobbying: Evidence from Dodd-Frank
P Ban, HY You
Business and Politics 21 (2), 267-295, 2019
How newspapers reveal political power
P Ban, A Fouirnaies, AB Hall, JM Snyder
Political Science Research and Methods 7 (4), 661-678, 2019
How are politicians informed? Witnesses and information provision in congress
P Ban, JY Park, HY You
American Political Science Review 117 (1), 122-139, 2023
From the halls of congress to K street: Government experience and its value for lobbying
P Ban, M Palmer, B Schneer
Legislative Studies Quarterly 44 (4), 713-752, 2019
Hall, and James M. Snyder. 2019.“How Newspapers Reveal Political Power.”
P Ban, A Fouirnaies, B Andrew
Political Science Research and Methods 7 (4), 661-78, 0
How does the rising number of women in the US Congress change deliberation? Evidence from House Committee Hearings
P Ban, J Grimmer, J Kaslovsky, E West
Quarterly Journal of Political Science 17 (3), 355-387, 2022
Leadership Power in Congress, 1890-2014: Evidence from PAC Contributions and Newspaper Coverage
P Ban, D Moskowitz, JM Snyder
Available at SSRN 2765092, 2016
A Woman’s Voice in the House: Gender Composition and its Consequences in Committee Hearings
P Ban, J Grimmer, J Kaslovsky, E West
Working Paper, 2018
The changing relative power of party leaders in congress
P Ban, DJ Moskowitz, JM Snyder
Report.[1198], 2016
Bureaucrats in Congress: Strategic Information Sharing in Policymaking
P Ban, JY Park, HY You
The Changing Influence of Committees in Congress
P Ban
Harvard University, 2018
Information and Party Influence in the US Congress
P Ban
Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy 4 (4), 497-521, 2024
Efficacy of Congressional Oversight
P Ban, SJ Hill
OSF Preprints, 2023
Lina Seitzl and Patrick Emmenegger How agents change institutions: Coalitional dynamics and the reform of commercial training in Switzerland 145
S Quak, J Heilbron, J Meijer, S Prabhat, DM Primo, AW Chalmers, ...
Business and Politics 21 (2), 2019
Bipartisanship and Bicameralism: A New Inside View of Congressional Committees
P Ban
Leadership Power in Congress, 1890-2014
P Ban, DJ Moskowitz, JM Snyder Jr
The Decline of American Party Organizations
P Ban, A Fouirnaies, AB Hall, JM Snyder Jr
Abelson, Donald E.: American think-tanks and their role in US foreign policy, Bas‐ingstoke 1996. Aberbach, Joel D.: What's Happened to the Watchful Eye?, in: Congress & the …
P Ban
Bureaucrats in Congress: The Politics of Interbranch Information Sharing
P Ban, JY Park, HY You
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