Indira paudel Ph. D
Indira paudel Ph. D
Research Scientist at Carnegie Institute of Sciences and Post-doctoral Research Associate at Purdue
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Cytowane przez
Linking the Belowground Microbial Composition, Diversity and Activity to Soilborne Disease Suppression and Growth Promotion of Tomato Amended with Biochar
OF AK Jaiswal, Y Elad, I Paudel, ER Graber, E Cytryn
Scientific Reports 7 (44382), 2017
Indirect Evidence for Genetic Differentiation in Vulnerability to Embolism in Pinus halepensis
R David-Schwartz, I Paudel, M Mizrachi, S Delzon, H Cochard, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 768, 2016
Inactive xylem can explain differences in calibration factors for thermal dissipation probe sap flow measurements
3 Indira Paudel1, Tal Kanety1,2 and Shabtai Cohen1
Tree Physiology 33, 984-1000, 2013
Elevated CO2 compensates for drought effects in lemon saplings via stomatal downregulation, increased soil moisture, and increased wood carbon storage
I Paudel, M Halpern, Y Wagner, E Raveh, U Yermiyahu, G Hoch, T Klein
Environmental and Experimental Botany 148, 117-127, 2018
Impact of treated wastewater on growth, respiration and hydraulic conductivity of citrus root systems in light and heavy soils
I Paudel, S Cohen, A Shaviv, A Bar-Tal, N Bernstein, B Heuer, J Ephrath
Tree Physiology 36 (6), 770-785, 2016
Treated wastewater irrigation: Soil variables and grapefruit tree performance
I Paudel, A Bar-Tal, GJ Levy, N Rotbart, JE Ephrath, S Cohen
Agricultural water management 204, 126-137, 2018
Diurnal dynamics of water transport, storage and hydraulic conductivity in pine trees under seasonal drought
T Klein, S Cohen, I Paudel, Y Preisler, E Rotenberg, D Yakir
iForest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 9 (5), 710, 2016
Simulating nectarine tree transpiration and dynamic water storage from responses of leaf conductance to light and sap flow to stem water potential and vapor pressure deficit
I Paudel, A Naor, Y Gal, S Cohen
Tree physiology 35 (4), 425-438, 2015
Tree growth and water-use in hyper-arid Acacia occurs during the hottest and driest season
G Winters, D Otieno, S Cohen, C Bogner, G Ragowloski, I Paudel, T Klein
Oecologia 188, 695-705, 2018
Reductions in root hydraulic conductivity in response to clay soil and treated waste water are related to PIPs down-regulation in Citrus
I Paudel, S Cohen, L Shlizerman, AK Jaiswal, A Shaviv, A Sadka
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 15429, 2017
Drought tolerance mechanisms and aquaporin expression of wild vs. cultivated pear tree species in the field
I Paudel, H Gerbi, A Zisovich, G Sapir, S Ben-Dor, V Brumfeld, T Klein
Environmental and Experimental Botany 167, 103832, 2019
Mitigating negative effects of long-term treated wastewater application via soil and irrigation manipulations: Sap flow and water relations of avocado trees (Persea americana …
DB Nemera, A Bar-Tal, GJ Levy, V Lukyanov, J Tarchitzky, I Paudel, ...
Agricultural water management 237, 106178, 2020
Water quality changes seasonal variations in root respiration, xylem CO2, and sap pH in citrus orchards
I Paudel, A Bar-Tal, N Rotbart, J Ephrath, S Cohen
Agricultural water management 197, 147-157, 2018
Lower leaf gas‐exchange and higher photorespiration of treated wastewater irrigated Citrus trees is modulated by soil type and climate
I Paudel, A Shaviv, N Bernstein, B Heuer, O Shapira, V Lukyanov, ...
Physiologia plantarum 156 (4), 478-496, 2016
Drought tolerance of wild versus cultivated tree species of almond and plum in the field
I Paudel, H Gerbi, Y Wagner, A Zisovich, G Sapir, V Brumfeld, T Klein
Tree Physiology 40 (4), 454-466, 2020
Intraspecific plasticity in hydraulic and stomatal regulation under drought is linked to aridity at the seed source in a wild pear species
I Paudel, H Gerbi, A Zisovich, G Sapir, T Klein
Tree Physiology 41 (6), 960-973, 2021
Tolerance of citrus rootstocks to poor water quality is improved by root zone aeration via selective uptake of ions, higher photosynthesis and carbon storage
I Paudel, A Bar-Tal, E Raveh, N Bernstein, S Cohen
Scientia horticulturae 251, 9-19, 2019
Physiological drought resistance mechanisms in wild species vs. rootstocks of almond and plum
H Gerbi, I Paudel, A Zisovich, G Sapir, S Ben-Dor, T Klein
Trees, 1-15, 2022
Cystoliths in Ficus leaves: increasing carbon fixation in saturating light by light scattering off a mineral substrate
M Pierantoni, I Paudel, B Rephael, R Tenne, V Brumfeld, S Slomka, ...
bioRxiv, 2020.04. 08.030999, 2020
Solar radiation measurements in the United States between 1916 and 1949 document widespread brightening in the mid‐20th century
G Stanhill, I Paudel, R Rosa
International Journal of Climatology, 2018
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