christophe cuvier
christophe cuvier
Assistant Professor, Centrale Lille
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Experimental evidence of near-wall reverse flow events in a zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer
CE Willert, C Cuvier, JM Foucaut, J Klinner, M Stanislas, JP Laval, ...
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 91, 320-328, 2018
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Experimental validation of an ultrasonic flowmeter for unsteady flows
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C Cuvier
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JM Foucaut, C Cuvier, M Stanislas, WK George
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Distortion correction of two-component-two-dimensional PIV using a large imaging sensor with application to measurements of a turbulent boundary layer flow at $ Re_ {\tau}= 2386$
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4D particle tracking velocimetry measurements in a von Kármán turbulence experiment
Y Ostovan, CH CUVIER, P Debue, V Valori, A Cheminet, JM Foucaut, ...
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Validation of a Model for Estimating the Strength of a Vortex Created from the Bound Circulation of a Vortex Generator
MOL Hansen, A Charalampous, JM Foucaut, C Cuvier, CM Velte
Energies 12 (14), 2781, 2019
Spatially and temporally resoved 2C-2D PIV in the inner layer of a high Reynolds number adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer
J Soria, C Willert, O Amili, J Klinner, C Atkinson, M Stanislas, A Schroder, ...
International Symposium on the Application of Laser and Imaging Techniques …, 2016
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