Govardhan Ganireddy
Govardhan Ganireddy
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Cytowane przez
A rotational control in medium-voltage modular solid-state transformer-based converter system
D Dong, R Raju, G Ganireddy, M Agamy
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 55 (6), 6223-6233, 2019
Magnetic structure combining normal mode and common mode inductance
RG Wagoner, AM Ritter, G Ganireddy
US Patent App. 14/070,783, 2015
System and method for automatic generation control in wind farms
DR Sagi, ME Cardinal, A Saha, RK Burra, G Ganireddy
US Patent 9,915,243, 2018
Multi-farm wind power generation system
RK Burra, A Saha, V Ryali, G Ganireddy, AK Ambekar, DR Sagi
US Patent 10,050,447, 2018
System and method for controlling wind turbines in wind farms
DR Sagi, A Saha, G Ganireddy, ME Cardinal, RK Burra
US Patent 9,709,037, 2017
System and method for wind power dispatch in a wind farm
RK Burra, MA Shah, G Ganireddy, VR Abate, V Ryali, A Ambekar
US Patent 9,473,057, 2016
Method and systems for discharging energy from an electrical fault
G Ganireddy, TF Papallo Jr, T Asokan, AK Bohori, DR Raorane, ...
US Patent 8,922,958, 2014
Method for protecting an electrical power system
G Ganireddy, JL Bollenbecker, R Burra, RG Wagoner, AM Klodowski
US Patent 10,396,695, 2019
Rotating switching strategy for power converters
D Dong, RG Wagoner, G Ganireddy, RN Raju, R Zhou
US Patent 10,186,995, 2019
System and method for providing yaw backup to a wind farm
RK Burra, G Ganireddy, VR Abate, KA Longtin, HLN Wiegman, ...
US Patent 9,677,540, 2017
Battery-supported braking system for a wind turbine
RG Wagoner, G Ganireddy, Y Kolhatkar
US Patent 10,243,352, 2019
Switching strategy for increased efficiency of power converters
D Dong, RG Wagoner, G Ganireddy, RN Raju
US Patent 10,205,399, 2019
Protection for redundancy of isolated inverter blocks
RG Wagoner, G Ganireddy, S Shukla, RN Raju, HR Schnetzka
US Patent 10,103,665, 2018
Electrical power systems having reactive power and harmonic support components
RG Wagoner, HR Schnetzka, JL Bollenbecker, G Ganireddy
US Patent 11,081,891, 2021
Power conversion system and controlling method thereof and wind turbine power generation system
Z Tan, GAO Jinping, RK Burra, G Ganireddy
US Patent 9,866,160, 2018
Plasma generation apparatus
G Ganireddy, T Asokan, AK Bohori
US Patent 8,492,979, 2013
Electrical power systems and methods using distortion filters
G Ganireddy, S Shukla, R Burra, RG Wagoner, AM Klodowski, ...
US Patent 10,784,689, 2020
Electrical power systems and subsystems
G Ganireddy, S Shukla, SS Thakur, RG Wagoner, AM Klodowski, ...
US Patent 10,784,685, 2020
DFIG converter with active filter
G Ganireddy, HR Schnetzka, RG Wagoner, AM Ridenour, JHA Kapil, ...
US Patent 10,778,112, 2020
Low-wind operation of clustered doubly fed induction generator wind turbines
S Shukla, G Ganireddy, JL Bollenbecker, R Burra
US Patent 10,615,608, 2020
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