Mark Krzmarzick
Mark Krzmarzick
Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Natural niche for organohalide-respiring Chloroflexi
MJ Krzmarzick, BB Crary, JJ Harding, OO Oyerinde, AC Leri, SCB Myneni, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (2), 393-401, 2012
Diversity and niche of archaea in bioremediation
MJ Krzmarzick, DK Taylor, X Fu, AL McCutchan
Archaea 2018 (1), 3194108, 2018
Biotransformation and degradation of the insensitive munitions compound, 3-nitro-1, 2, 4-triazol-5-one, by soil bacterial communities
MJ Krzmarzick, R Khatiwada, CI Olivares, L Abrell, R Sierra-Alvarez, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (9), 5681-5688, 2015
Triclosan enriches for Dehalococcoides‐like Chloroflexi in anaerobic soil at environmentally relevant concentrations
PJ McNamara, MJ Krzmarzick
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Removal of chlorinated organic compounds during wastewater treatment: achievements and limits
MJ Krzmarzick, PJ Novak
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 98, 6233-6242, 2014
Abundance and diversity of organohalide‐respiring bacteria in lake sediments across a geographical sulfur gradient
MJ Krzmarzick, PJ McNamara, BB Crary, PJ Novak
FEMS microbiology ecology 84 (2), 248-258, 2013
Novel Firmicutes group implicated in the dechlorination of two chlorinated xanthones, analogues of natural organochlorines
MJ Krzmarzick, HR Miller, T Yan, PJ Novak
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (3), 1210-1218, 2014
Microbial enrichment culture responsible for the complete oxidative biodegradation of 3-amino-1, 2, 4-triazol-5-one (ATO), the reduced daughter product of the insensitive …
CL Madeira, KV Jog, ET Vanover, MD Brooks, DK Taylor, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 53 (21), 12648-12656, 2019
Hydraulic fracturing fluid compositions induce differential enrichment of soil bacterial communities
TM Lozano, AL McCutchan, MJ Krzmarzick
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Nitrate reverses severe nitrite inhibition of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) activity in continuously-fed bioreactors
G Li, R Sierra-Alvarez, D Vilcherrez, S Weiss, C Gill, MJ Krzmarzick, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (19), 10518-10526, 2016
Treatment and recovery of high-value elements from produced water
MA Miranda, A Ghosh, G Mahmodi, S Xie, M Shaw, S Kim, MJ Krzmarzick, ...
Water 14 (6), 880, 2022
Bacteria make a living breathing the nitroheterocyclic insensitive munitions compound 3-nitro-1, 2, 4-triazol-5-one (NTO)
CL Madeira, O Menezes, D Park, KV Jog, JK Hatt, S Gavazza, ...
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Novel bacterial diversity is enriched with chloroperoxidase-reacted organic matter under anaerobic conditions
ML Lim, MDW Brooks, MA Boothe, MJ Krzmarzick
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Quinone moieties link the microbial respiration of natural organic matter to the chemical reduction of diverse nitroaromatic compounds
O Menezes, K Kocaman, S Wong, EE Rios-Valenciana, EJ Baker, JK Hatt, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 56 (13), 9387-9397, 2022
Membrane distillation crystallization of ammonium nitrate solutions to enable sustainable cold storage: Electrical conductivity as an in-situ saturation indicator
JA Bush, J Vanneste, D Leavitt, J Bergida, M Krzmarzick, SJ Kim, C Ny, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 631, 119321, 2021
Isolation and characterization of a halophilic Modicisalibacter sp. strain Wilcox from produced water
WS Marsh, BW Heise, MJ Krzmarzick, RW Murdoch, BZ Fathepure
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 6943, 2021
A remote sensing tool for near real‐time monitoring of harmful algal blooms and turbidity in reservoirs
ASP Pamula, H Gholizadeh, MJ Krzmarzick, WE Mausbach, DJ Lampert
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 59 (5), 929-949, 2023
Elucidating the mechanisms associated with the anaerobic biotransformation of the emerging contaminant nitroguanidine
EE Rios-Valenciana, O Menezes, J Romero, C Blubaum, MJ Krzmarzick, ...
Water Research 229, 119496, 2023
Clay Content Played a Key Role Governing Sorption of Ciprofloxacin in Soil
A Pasket, H Zhang, Y Wang, M Krzmarzick, JE Gustafson, S Deng
Frontiers in Soil Science, 5, 2022
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