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Przemysław Płóciennik
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Optical and structural characterization of thin films containing metallophthalocyanine chlorides
A Zawadzka, A Karakas, P Płóciennik, J Szatkowski, Z Łukasiak, ...
Dyes and Pigments 112, 116-126, 2015
Structural and nonlinear optical properties of as-grown and annealed metallophthalocyanine thin films
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki, M Pranaitis, S Dabos-Seignon, ...
Thin Solid Films 545, 429-437, 2013
Linear and Nonlinear Optical properties of ZnO Thin Films deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, Y El Kouari, H Bougharraf, B Sahraoui
Journal of Luminescence, 2015
Impact of annealing process on stacking orientations and second order nonlinear optical properties of metallophthalocyanine thin films and nanostructures
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki, A Korcala, AK Arof, B Sahraoui
Dyes and Pigments 101, 212-220, 2014
Transparent amorphous zinc oxide thin films for NLO applications
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki, B Sahraoui
Optical Materials 37, 327-337, 2014
Photophysical properties of Alq 3 thin films
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki, Z Łukasiak, B Sahraoui
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Temperature-dependent luminescence dynamics for ZnO thin films
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki
Optical and Quantum Electronics 46 (1), 87-101, 2014
The effects of annealing process influence on optical properties and the molecular orientation of selected organometallic compounds thin films
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, I Czarnecka, J Sztupecka, Z Łukasiak
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Time-of-flight repeller circuit application in laser ablation experiment
RS Dygdała, M Zieliński, P Płóciennik, A Zawadzka, RT Rumianowski
Surface and Coatings Technology 203 (16), 2328-2332, 2009
Diagnostic and control of linear and nonlinear optical effects in selected self-assembled metallophthalocyanine chlorides nanostructures
A Zawadzka, K Waszkowska, A Karakas, P Płóciennik, A Korcala, ...
Dyes and Pigments, 2018
Optical properties of MgO thin films grown by laser ablation technique
P Płóciennik, D Guichaoua, A Zawadzka, A Korcala, J Strzelecki, ...
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Selected Organometallic Compounds for Third Order Nonlinear Optical Application
A Popczyk, A Aamoum, A Migalska-Zalas, P Płóciennik, A Zawadzka, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (2), 254, 2019
Pulsed laser deposition of Nd: YAG on Si with substrate bias voltage
R Rumianowski, F Rozpłoch, RS Dygdała, S Kulesza, P Płóciennik, ...
Applied surface science 193 (1), 261-267, 2002
Studies of aluminum oxide thin films deposited by laser ablation technique
P Płóciennik, D Guichaoua, A Korcala, A Zawadzka
Optical Materials, 2016
Counting errors in a real-time multichannel scaler
M Zieliński, RS Dygdała, P Płóciennik
Review of scientific instruments 69 (1), 299-305, 1998
Water nanodroplet on a hydrocarbon" carpet"-the mechanism of water contact angle stabilization by airborne contaminations on graphene, Au and PTFE surfaces
AP Terzyk, P Bryk, ED Korczeniewski, P Kowalczyk, A Zawadzka, ...
Langmuir, 2018
Optical methods of the delay cells characteristics measurements and their applications
R Frankowski, M Gurski, P Płóciennik
Optical and Quantum Electronics 48 (3), 1-19, 2016
High-resolution digital counting systems for applications in atomic physics
M Zieliński, RS Dygdała, P Płóciennik
5-th International Symposium on Measurement, Technology and Intelligent …, 2001
Investigation of thermal properties and energy harvesting of the Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3) 1-xTixO3 perovskite single crystals
A Alaoui-Belghiti, A Hajjaji, S Laasri, H Lifi, K Strzałkowski, P Płóciennik, ...
Thermochimica Acta, 2018
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