Michał J. Piotrowicz
Michał J. Piotrowicz
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Cytowane przez
Rydberg-blockade controlled-not gate and entanglement in a two-dimensional array of neutral-atom qubits
KM Maller, MT Lichtman, T Xia, Y Sun, MJ Piotrowicz, AW Carr, ...
Physical Review A 92 (2), 022336, 2015
Randomized benchmarking of single-qubit gates in a 2D array of neutral-atom qubits
T Xia, M Lichtman, K Maller, AW Carr, MJ Piotrowicz, L Isenhower, ...
Physical review letters 114 (10), 100503, 2015
Two-dimensional lattice of blue-detuned atom traps using a projected Gaussian beam array
MJ Piotrowicz, M Lichtman, K Maller, G Li, S Zhang, L Isenhower, ...
Phys. Rev. A 88 (1), 013420, 2013
Measurement of the electric dipole moments for transitions to rubidium Rydberg states via Autler–Townes splitting
MJ Piotrowicz, C MacCormick, A Kowalczyk, S Bergamini, II Beterov, ...
New Journal of Physics 13 (9), 093012, 2011
Electron collisions with trifluorides: and molecules
C Szmytkowski, M Piotrowicz, A Domaracka, Ł Kłosowski, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 121 (4), 1790-1795, 2004
Electron collisions with nitrogen trifluoride (NF 3) molecules
C Szmytkowski, A Domaracka, P Możejko, E Ptasińska-Denga, ...
Physical Review A 70 (3), 032707, 2004
Scattering of electrons from hydride molecules: PH3
C Szmytkowski, Ł Kłosowski, A Domaracka, M Piotrowicz, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (9), 1833, 2004
Comparison of Gaussian and super Gaussian laser beams for addressing atomic qubits
K Gillen-Christandl, GD Gillen, MJ Piotrowicz, M Saffman
Applied Physics B 122 (5), 131, 2016
Cooper minima in the transitions from low-excited and Rydberg states of alkali-metal atoms
II Beterov, CW Mansell, EA Yakshina, II Ryabtsev, DB Tretyakov, VM Entin, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1207.3626, 2012
A Rydberg blockade CNOT gate and entanglement in a 2D array of neutral atom qubits
KM Maller, MT Lichtman, T Xia, Y Sun, MJ Piotrowicz, AW Carr, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.06416, 2015
Ultracold Rydberg Atoms
MJ Piotrowicz
The Open University, 2011
Conversion Between Telecom and Atomic Photons by Four-Wave Mixing in Warm Rb.
J Kwolek, A Black, M Bashkansky, M Piotrowicz
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2020
Conversion from Telecom to Atomic Photons by Four-Wave Mixing in a Warm Rb Cell
MJ Piotrowicz, A Black, M Bashkansky
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, FW4C. 4, 2020
Experimental demonstration of a passive temperature stabilized quantum memory for storage of polarization qubits in a cold atomic ensemble
TG Akin, JF Reintjes, MJ Piotrowicz, AT Black, A Kuzmich, M Bashkansky
Quantum Information Science, Sensing, and Computation XI 10984, 1098405, 2019
Optically pumped Rb atoms in warm cell for photon frequency conversion
MJ Piotrowicz, JF Reintjes, AT Black, A Kuzmich, M Bashkansky
APS 2019, L01. 076, 2019
Optimized Cooling of Atoms in Optical Lattice for High Rate Quantum Memory Operation
MJ Piotrowicz, TG Akin, J Reintjes, A Kuzmich, AT Black, M Bashkansky
Frontiers in Optics, JW4A.61, 2018
Characterization of single-and two-qubit gates in a 2D neutral atom qubit array
T Xia, K Maller, M Lichtman, M Piotrowicz, A Carr, L Isenhower, ...
APS 2015, Q1. 079, 2015
AQuA: A 2D array of Rydberg coupled atomic qubits
K Maller, M Lichtman, A Carr, M Piotrowicz, T Xia, L Isenhower, ...
APS, Q1. 082, 2014
Production of 10.4 W of single frequency coherent light at 780 nm by second harmonic generation
M Lichtman, M Piotrowicz, M Saffman
APS 2013, K1. 067, 2013
Stable blue detuned trap arrays for multi-qubit quantum gate experiments
M Piotrowicz, K Maller, M Lichtman, S Zhang, G Li, L Isenhower, ...
APS 43, K1. 106, 2012
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