Dr. Ajeet Singh
Dr. Ajeet Singh
Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) Institute of Physical Sciences for Study and Research, V. B. S
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Well-controlled in-situ growth of 2D WO3 rectangular sheets on reduced graphene oxide with strong photocatalytic and antibacterial properties
B Ahmed, AK Ojha, A Singh, F Hirsch, I Fischer, D Patrice, A Materny
Journal of hazardous materials 347, 266-278, 2018
A density functional study towards the preferential binding of anions to urea and thiourea
DA Jose, A Singh, A Das, B Ganguly
Tetrahedron letters 48 (21), 3695-3698, 2007
Photodegradation of phenanthrene catalyzed by rGO sheets and disk like structures synthesized using sugar cane juice as a reducing agent
A Singh, B Ahmed, A Singh, AK Ojha
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 204, 603-610, 2018
Strategic design of small and versatile bicyclic organic superbases: a density functional study
A Singh, B Ganguly
New Journal of Chemistry 32 (2), 210-213, 2008
Colorimetric sensor for the detection of H2S and its application in molecular half-subtractor
R Kaushik, A Ghosh, A Singh, DA Jose
Analytica Chimica Acta 1040, 177-186, 2018
Selective Colorimetric Sensor for the Detection of Hg2+ and H2S in Aqueous Medium and Waste Water Samples
DAJ R. Kaushik, Ajeet Singh, Amrita Ghosh
ChemistrySelect 1 (8), 1533–1540, 2016
Dual colorimetric sensor for picric acid and pyrophosphate: Practical application for molecular logic gates
DAJ Pawan Kumar, Dheeraj Aryaa, Deepak Naina, Ajeet Singh, Amrita Ghosha
Dyes and Pigments 166, 443, 2019
Influence of formamide on the crystal habit of LiF, NaCl, and KI: a DFT and aqueous solvent model study
A Singh, MK Kesharwani, B Ganguly
Crystal Growth and Design 9 (1), 77-81, 2009
Rational design and first-principles studies toward the remote substituent effects on a novel tetracyclic proton sponge
A Singh, B Ganguly
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (28), 6468-6471, 2007
Rational Design on a new class of polycyclic organic bases bearing two superbasic sites and their applications in CO2 capture and activation process
Rabindranath Lo Ajeet Singh, Manoj Kesharwani
Chemical Communications, 2012
Can nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) act as a habit modifier for rock salt crystals? an answer from computational and experimental studies
MAS Khan, A Singh, S Haldar, B Ganguly
Crystal growth & design 11 (5), 1675-1682, 2011
DFT study of urea interaction with potassium chloride surfaces
A Singh, B Ganguly
Molecular Simulation 34 (10-15), 973-979, 2008
Computational study of urea and its homologue glycinamide: conformations, rotational barriers, and relative interactions with sodium chloride
A Singh, S Chakraborty, B Ganguly
Langmuir 23 (10), 5406-5411, 2007
DFT studies toward the design and discovery of a versatile cage‐functionalized proton sponge
A Singh, B Ganguly
European journal of organic chemistry 2007 (3), 420-422, 2007
Allosteric regulation in carbon monoxide (CO) release: anion responsive CO-releasing molecule (CORM) derived from (Terpyridine) phenol manganese tricarbonyl complex with …
R Sakla, A Singh, R Kaushik, P Kumar, DA Jose
Inorganic Chemistry 58 (16), 10761-10768, 2019
DFT studies on a new class of cage functionalized organic superbases
A Singh, B Ganguly
New Journal of Chemistry 33 (3), 583-587, 2009
Probing the O⋯ Br–Br halogen bonding in X-ray crystal structures with ab initio calculations
R Lo, A Ballabh, A Singh, P Dastidar, B Ganguly
CrystEngComm 14 (5), 1833-1841, 2012
Strategic design and utilization of molecular flexibility for straddling the application of organic superbases: a DFT Study
A Singh, AK Ojha, HM Jang
ChemistrySelect 3 (2), 837-842, 2018
First principle study towards the influence of Cd 2+on the morphology of sodium chloride
A Singh, A Sen, B Ganguly
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 28 (5), 413-419, 2010
Morphology of potassium chloride in aqueous and in formamide solution—an experimental and computational investigation
A Singh, T Selvamani, I Mukhopadhyay, B Ganguly
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 87 (3), 514-522, 2009
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