Wolfgang Belzig
Wolfgang Belzig
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Quasiclassical Green’s function approach to mesoscopic superconductivity
W Belzig, FK Wilhelm, C Bruder, G Schön, AD Zaikin
Superlattices and microstructures 25 (5-6), 1251-1288, 1999
Local density of states in a dirty normal metal connected to a superconductor
W Belzig, C Bruder, G Schön
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A Cottet, W Belzig, C Bruder
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Benzenedithiol: a broad-range single-channel molecular conductor
Y Kim, T Pietsch, A Erbe, W Belzig, E Scheer
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Multiple Andreev reflections in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
MR Buitelaar, W Belzig, T Nussbaumer, B Babić, C Bruder, ...
Physical review letters 91 (5), 057005, 2003
Full counting statistics of electron transfer between superconductors
W Belzig, YV Nazarov
Physical Review Letters 87 (19), 197006, 2001
Full counting statistics of super-Poissonian shot noise in multilevel quantum dots
W Belzig
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MS Choi, M Lee, K Kang, W Belzig
Physical Review B 70 (2), 020502, 2004
Nonlocal thermoelectric effects and nonlocal onsager relations in a three-terminal proximity-coupled superconductor-ferromagnet device
P Machon, M Eschrig, W Belzig
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.1840, 2013
Absolute spin-valve effect with superconducting proximity structures
D Huertas-Hernando, YV Nazarov, W Belzig
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Positive cross-correlations due to dynamical channel blockade in a three-terminal quantum dot
A Cottet, W Belzig, C Bruder
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Physical properties of multi-wall nanotubes
L Forro, C Schoenenberger
Carbon nanotubes: synthesis, structure, properties, and applications, 329-391, 2001
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E Scheer, W Belzig, Y Naveh, MH Devoret, D Esteve, C Urbina
Physical Review Letters 86 (2), 284, 2001
Nanospintronics with carbon nanotubes
A Cottet, T Kontos, S Sahoo, HT Man, MS Choi, W Belzig, C Bruder, ...
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Full current statistics in diffusive normal-superconductor structures
W Belzig, YV Nazarov
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Full counting statistics of a superconducting beam splitter
J Börlin, W Belzig, C Bruder
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JC Hammer, JC Cuevas, FS Bergeret, W Belzig
Physical Review B 76 (6), 064514, 2007
General boundary conditions for quasiclassical theory of superconductivity in the diffusive limit: application to strongly spin-polarized systems
M Eschrig, A Cottet, W Belzig, J Linder
New Journal of Physics 17 (8), 083037, 2015
Spin-dependent boundary conditions for isotropic superconducting Green’s functions
A Cottet, D Huertas-Hernando, W Belzig, YV Nazarov
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Oscillations of Andreev states in clean ferromagnetic films
M Zareyan, W Belzig, YV Nazarov
Physical Review Letters 86 (2), 308, 2001
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