Cara MacInnis
Cara MacInnis
Assistant Professor, Acadia University
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The role of “dark personalities”(narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy), Big Five personality factors, and ideology in explaining prejudice
G Hodson, SM Hogg, CC MacInnis
Journal of Research in Personality 43 (4), 686-690, 2009
It ain’t easy eating greens: Evidence of bias toward vegetarians and vegans from both source and target
CC MacInnis, G Hodson
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 20 (6), 721-744, 2017
Intergroup bias toward “Group X”: Evidence of prejudice, dehumanization, avoidance, and discrimination against asexuals
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Social dominance orientation connects prejudicial human–human and human–animal relations
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A joke is just a joke (except when it isn't): Cavalier humor beliefs facilitate the expression of group dominance motives.
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The role of intergroup disgust in predicting negative outgroup evaluations
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Do American states with more religious or conservative populations search more for sexual content on Google?
CC MacInnis, G Hodson
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Derogating humor as a delegitimization strategy in intergroup contexts.
G Hodson, CC MacInnis
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G Hodson, CC MacInnis, MA Busseri
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Psychological science in the wake of COVID-19: Social, methodological, and metascientific considerations
DL Rosenfeld, E Balcetis, B Bastian, ET Berkman, JK Bosson, ...
Perspectives on Psychological Science 17 (2), 311-333, 2022
Extending the benefits of intergroup contact beyond attitudes: When does intergroup contact predict greater collective action support?
CC MacInnis, G Hodson
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More evidence of participant misrepresentation on Mturk and investigating who misrepresents
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Surfing for sexual sin: Relations between religiousness and viewing sexual content online
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Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity 23 (2-3), 196-210, 2016
The development of online cross-group relationships among university students: Benefits of earlier (vs. later) disclosure of stigmatized group membership
CC MacInnis, G Hodson
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 32 (6), 788-809, 2015
Multilevel intergroup contact and antigay prejudice (explicit and implicit) evidence of contextual contact benefits in a less visible group domain
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Social Psychological and Personality Science 8 (3), 243-251, 2017
Prejudice-relevant correlates of humor temperaments and humor styles
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Can left-right differences in abortion support be explained by sexism?
G Hodson, CC MacInnis
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The happy cyclist: Examining the association between generalized authoritarianism and subjective well-being
CC MacInnis, MA Busseri, BL Choma, G Hodson
Personality and Individual Differences 55 (7), 789-793, 2013
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