Christophe Hissler
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Impact of mercury atmospheric deposition on soils and streams in a mountainous catchment (Vosges, France) polluted by chlor-alkali industrial activity: the important trapping …
C Hissler, JL Probst
Science of the Total Environment 361 (1-3), 163-178, 2006
Bedrock geology controls on catchment storage, mixing, and release: A comparative analysis of 16 nested catchments
L Pfister, N Martínez‐Carreras, C Hissler, J Klaus, GE Carrer, MK Stewart, ...
Hydrological Processes 31 (10), 1828-1845, 2017
Inter-laboratory comparison of cryogenic water extraction systems for stable isotope analysis of soil water
N Orlowski, L Breuer, N Angeli, P Boeckx, C Brumbt, CS Cook, M Dubbert, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (7), 3619-3637, 2018
Ground‐based thermal imagery as a simple, practical tool for mapping saturated area connectivity and dynamics
L Pfister, JJ McDonnell, C Hissler, L Hoffmann
Hydrological Processes 24 (21), 3123-3132, 2010
Towards more systematic perceptual model development: a case study using 3 Luxembourgish catchments
S Wrede, F Fenicia, N Martínez‐Carreras, J Juilleret, C Hissler, A Krein, ...
Hydrological processes 29 (12), 2731-2750, 2015
Chlor-alkali industrial contamination and riverine transport of mercury: distribution and partitioning of mercury between water, suspended matter, and bottom sediment of the …
C Hissler, JL Probst
Applied Geochemistry 21 (11), 1837-1854, 2006
Mind the gap: a classification system for integrating the subsolum into soil surveys
J Juilleret, S Dondeyne, K Vancampenhout, J Deckers, C Hissler
Geoderma 264, 332-339, 2016
On the potential of METOP ASCAT‐derived soil wetness indices as a new aperture for hydrological monitoring and prediction: A field evaluation over Luxembourg
P Matgen, S Heitz, S Hasenauer, C Hissler, L Brocca, L Hoffmann, ...
Hydrological Processes 26 (15), 2346-2359, 2012
Remarkable Pleistocene periglacial slope deposits in Luxembourg (Oesling): pedological implication and geosite potential
J Juilleret, JF Iffly, L Pfister, C Hissler
Bulletin de la Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois 112, 125-130, 2011
Storage controls on the generation of double peak hydrographs in a forested headwater catchment
N Martínez-Carreras, C Hissler, L Gourdol, J Klaus, J Juilleret, JF Iffly, ...
Journal of Hydrology 543, 255-269, 2016
Biogas residues in substitution for chemical fertilizers: A comparative study on a grassland in the Walloon Region
B Tsachidou, M Scheuren, J Gennen, V Debbaut, B Toussaint, C Hissler, ...
Science of the total environment 666, 212-225, 2019
Identifying the origins of local atmospheric deposition in the steel industry basin of Luxembourg using the chemical and isotopic composition of the lichen Xanthoria parietina
C Hissler, P Stille, A Krein, ML Geagea, T Perrone, JL Probst, L Hoffmann
Science of the Total Environment 405 (1-3), 338-344, 2008
Velocity and celerity dynamics at plot scale inferred from artificial tracing experiments and time-lapse ERT
A Scaini, M Audebert, C Hissler, F Fenicia, L Gourdol, L Pfister, KJ Beven
Journal of Hydrology 546, 28-43, 2017
Anthropogenic rare earth element fluxes into floodplains: Coupling between geochemical monitoring and hydrodynamic sediment transport modelling
C Hissler, R Hostache, JF Iffly, L Pfister, P Stille
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 347 (5-6), 294-303, 2015
Total mercury concentrations in an industrialized catchment, the Thur River basin (north-eastern France): geochemical background level and contamination factors
S Rémy, P Prudent, C Hissler, JL Probst, G Krempp
Chemosphere 52 (3), 635-644, 2003
Rare Earth Elements as hydrological tracers of anthropogenic and critical zone contributions: a case study at the Alzette River basin scale
C Hissler, P Stille, C Guignard, JF Iffly, L Pfister
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 10, 349-352, 2014
The influence of sediment sources and hydrologic events on the nutrient and metal content of fine-grained sediments (attert river basin, Luxembourg)
N Martínez-Carreras, A Krein, F Gallart, JF Iffly, C Hissler, L Pfister, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 223, 5685-5705, 2012
Genesis and evolution of regoliths: Evidence from trace and major elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-U isotopes
C Moragues-Quiroga, J Juilleret, L Gourdol, E Pelt, T Perrone, A Aubert, ...
Catena 149, 185-198, 2017
Modelling suspended-sediment propagation and related heavy metal contamination in floodplains: a parameter sensitivity analysis
R Hostache, C Hissler, P Matgen, C Guignard, P Bates
Hydrology and earth system sciences 18 (9), 3539-3551, 2014
Origin and dynamics of rare earth elements during flood events in contaminated river basins: Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic evidence
C Hissler, P Stille, JF Iffly, C Guignard, F Chabaux, L Pfister
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (9), 4624-4631, 2016
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