Swastik Kopparty
Swastik Kopparty
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Cytowane przez
Split TCP for mobile ad hoc networks
S Kopparty, SV Krishnamurthy, M Faloutsos, SK Tripathi
Global Telecommunications Conference, 2002. GLOBECOM'02. IEEE 1, 138-142, 2002
Extensions to the method of multiplicities, with applications to Kakeya sets and mergers
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High-rate codes with sublinear-time decoding
S Kopparty, S Saraf, S Yekhanin
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Optimal testing of Reed-Muller codes
A Bhattacharyya, S Kopparty, G Schoenebeck, M Sudan, D Zuckerman
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New affine-invariant codes from lifting
A Guo, S Kopparty, M Sudan
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High-rate locally correctable and locally testable codes with sub-polynomial query complexity
S Kopparty, O Meir, N Ron-Zewi, S Saraf
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List-decoding multiplicity codes
S Kopparty
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A framework for pursuit evasion games in Rn
S Kopparty, CV Ravishankar
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Affine dispersers from subspace polynomials
E Ben-Sasson, S Kopparty
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On the list-decodability of random linear codes
V Guruswami, J Hastad, S Kopparty
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DEEP-FRI: sampling outside the box improves soundness
E Ben-Sasson, L Goldberg, S Kopparty, S Saraf
arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.12243, 2019
Explicit subspace designs
V Guruswami, S Kopparty
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E Ben-Sasson, S Kopparty, J Radhakrishnan
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How to construct a correct and scalable iBGP configuration
M Vutukuru, P Valiant, S Kopparty, H Balakrishnan
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Maximally recoverable codes for grid-like topologies
P Gopalan, G Hu, S Kopparty, S Saraf, C Wang, S Yekhanin
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Equivalence of polynomial identity testing and polynomial factorization
S Kopparty, S Saraf, A Shpilka
computational complexity 24, 295-331, 2015
Roads, codes, and spatiotemporal queries
S Gupta, S Kopparty, C Ravishankar
Proceedings of the twenty-third ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART symposium on …, 2004
Proximity Gaps for Reed–Solomon Codes
E Ben-Sasson, D Carmon, Y Ishai, S Kopparty, S Saraf
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Local list-decoding and testing of random linear codes from high error
S Kopparty, S Saraf
Proceedings of the forty-second ACM symposium on Theory of computing, 417-426, 2010
Certifying Polynomials for Circuits, with Applications to Lower Bounds and Circuit Compression
S Kopparty, S Srinivasan
Theory of Computing 14 (1), 1-24, 2018
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