Rafał Cygan
Rafał Cygan
Rzeszow University of Technology
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Cytowane przez
Ceramic cores for turbine blades via injection moulding
M Gromada, A Świeca, M Kostecki, A Olszyna, R Cygan
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 220, 107-112, 2015
Microstructure of Haynes® 282® superalloy after vacuum induction melting and investment casting of thin-walled components
H Matysiak, M Zagorska, J Andersson, A Balkowiec, R Cygan, M Rasinski, ...
Materials 6 (11), 5016-5037, 2013
Rapid prototyping in manufacturing of core models of aircraft engine blades
P Rokicki, G Budzik, K Kubiak, J Bernaczek, T Dziubek, M Magniszewski, ...
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, 2014
The Microstructure Degradation of the IN 713C Nickel-Based Superalloy After the Stress Rupture Tests
H Matysiak, M Zagorska, A Balkowiec, B Adamczyk-Cieslak, R Cygan, ...
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-9, 2014
Programming of industrial robots using virtual reality and digital twins
A Burghardt, D Szybicki, P Gierlak, K Kurc, P Pietruś, R Cygan
Applied Sciences 10 (2), 486, 2020
Investigation of casting–ceramic shell mold interface thermal resistance during solidification process of nickel based superalloy
D Szeliga, K Kubiak, W Ziaja, R Cygan, JS Suchy, A Burbelko, WJ Nowak, ...
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 87, 149-160, 2017
Influence of silicon carbide chills on solidification process and shrinkage porosity of castings made of nickel based superalloys
D Szeliga, K Kubiak, W Ziaja, R Cygan
International Journal of Cast Metals Research 27 (3), 146-160, 2014
The Influence of the Melt-Pouring Temperature and Inoculant Content on the Macro and Microstructure of the IN713C Ni-Based Superalloy
H Matysiak, M Zagorska, A Balkowiec, B Adamczyk-Cieslak, K Dobkowski, ...
JOM: the journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 1-13, 2015
Modelling of grain microstructure of IN-713C castings
D Szeliga, K Kubiak, AA Burbelko, R Cygan, W Ziaja
Solid State Phenomena 197, 83-88, 2013
Analysis of temperature distribution in shell mould during thin-wall superalloy casting and its effect on the resultant microstructure
Ł Rakoczy, R Cygan
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 18 (4), 1441-1450, 2018
Influence of Melt-Pouring Temperature and Composition of Primary Coating of Shell Mold on Tensile Strength and Creep Resistance of Ni-Based Superalloy
Ł Rakoczy, M Grudzień, R Cygan
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-9, 2019
Quality problems root cause identification and variability reduction in casting processes
G Furgał, R Cygan
Archives of foundry engineering 9 (1), 13-16, 2009
Characterization of γ′ precipitates in cast Ni-based superalloy and their behaviour at high-homologous temperatures studied by TEM and in Situ XRD
Ł Rakoczy, O Milkovič, B Rutkowski, R Cygan, M Grudzień-Rakoczy, ...
Materials 13 (10), 2397, 2020
Effect of cooling rate on macro-and microstructure of thin-walled nickel superalloy precision castings
J Nawrocki, M Motyka, D Szeliga, W Ziaja, R Cygan, J Sieniawski
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 49, 153-161, 2020
The Influence of Shell Mold Composition on the As-cast Macro-and Micro-structure of Thin-Walled IN713C Superalloy Castings
Ł Rakoczy, M Grudzień, R Cygan
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-9, 2019
Effect of cobalt aluminate content and pouring temperature on macrostructure, tensile strength and creep rupture of Inconel 713C castings
Ł Rakoczy, M Grudzień, R Cygan, A Zielińska-Lipiec
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 63, 2018
Application of silicon carbide chills in controlling the solidification process of casts made of IN-713C nickel superalloy
D Szeliga, K Kubiak, R Cygan, W Ziaja
Archives of Foundry Engineering 12, 2012
Rapid prototyping process of monocrystal aircraft engine blades
G Budzik, H Matysiak, R Cygan, S Bąk, M Cygnar
Journal of KONES 17, 81-86, 2010
Analysis of γ′ Precipitates, Carbides and Nano-Borides in Heat-Treated Ni-Based Superalloy Using SEM, STEM-EDX, and HRSTEM
Ł Rakoczy, B Rutkowski, M Grudzień-Rakoczy, R Cygan, W Ratuszek, ...
Materials 13 (19), 4452, 2020
Fabrication and characterization of the newly developed superalloys based on Inconel 740
M Grudzień-Rakoczy, Ł Rakoczy, R Cygan, F Kromka, Z Pirowski, ...
Materials 13 (10), 2362, 2020
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