Jessica S. Horst
Jessica S. Horst
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Fast mapping but poor retention by 24‐month‐old infants
JS Horst, LK Samuelson
Infancy 13 (2), 128-157, 2008
Word learning emerges from the interaction of online referent selection and slow associative learning.
B McMurray, JS Horst, LK Samuelson
Psychological review 119 (4), 831, 2012
Get the story straight: Contextual repetition promotes word learning from storybooks
JS Horst, KL Parsons, NM Bryan
Frontiers in Psychology 2, 17, 2011
The Novel Object and Unusual Name (NOUN) Database: A collection of novel images for use in experimental research
JS Horst, MC Hout
Behavior research methods 48 (4), 1393-1409, 2016
Toward a unified theory of development
JP Spencer, MSC Thomas, JL McClelland
JP Spencer, MSC Thomas, & JL McClelland (Eds.), 86-118, 2009
Uterine artery embolization versus myomectomy: impact on quality of life—results of the FUME (Fibroids of the Uterus: Myomectomy versus Embolization) Trial
IT Manyonda, M Bratby, JS Horst, N Banu, M Gorti, AM Belli
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology 35 (3), 530-536, 2012
The role of competition in word learning via referent selection
JS Horst, EJ Scott, JA Pollard
Developmental Science 13 (5), 706-713, 2010
What’s new? Children prefer novelty in referent selection
JS Horst, LK Samuelson, SC Kucker, B McMurray
Cognition 118 (2), 234-244, 2011
Goodnight book: Sleep consolidation improves word learning via storybooks
SE Williams, JS Horst
Frontiers in psychology 5, 184, 2014
Context and repetition in word learning
JS Horst
Frontiers in psychology 4, 149, 2013
The effects of shared storybook reading on word learning: A meta-analysis.
ZM Flack, AP Field, JS Horst
Developmental psychology 54 (7), 1334, 2018
The right thing at the right time: Why ostensive naming facilitates word learning
EL Axelsson, K Churchley, JS Horst
Frontiers in psychology 3, 88, 2012
What does it look like and what can it do? Category structure influences how infants categorize
JS Horst, LM Oakes, KL Madole
Child Development 76 (3), 614-631, 2005
University of Sussex
JS Horst
UK, 0
The cat is out of the bag: The joint influence of previous experience and looking behavior on infant categorization
KA Kovack‐Lesh, JS Horst, LM Oakes
Infancy 13 (4), 285-307, 2008
The dynamic nature of knowledge: Insights from a dynamic field model of children’s novel noun generalization
LK Samuelson, AR Schutte, JS Horst
Cognition 110 (3), 322-345, 2009
That's more like it: Multiple exemplars facilitate word learning
KE Twomey, SL Ranson, JS Horst
Infant and Child Development 23 (2), 105-122, 2014
Online processing is essential for learning: Understanding fast mapping and word learning in a dynamic connectionist architecture
JS Horst, B McMurray, LK Samuelson
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 28 (28), 2006
Dynamic noun generalization: moment‐to‐moment interactions shape children's naming biases
LK Samuelson, JS Horst
Infancy 11 (1), 97-110, 2007
Contextual repetition facilitates word learning via fast mapping
EL Axelsson, JS Horst
Acta Psychologica 152, 95-99, 2014
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