Sergey V. Polyakov
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Invited review article: Single-photon sources and detectors
MD Eisaman, J Fan, A Migdall, SV Polyakov
Review of scientific instruments 82 (7), 071101, 2011
Measurement-induced entanglement for excitation stored in remote atomic ensembles
CW Chou, H De Riedmatten, D Felinto, SV Polyakov, SJ Van Enk, ...
Nature 438, 828-832, 2005
Single-photon generation from stored excitation in an atomic ensemble
CW Chou, SV Polyakov, A Kuzmich, HJ Kimble
Physical Review Letters 92 (21), 213601, 2004
Interference of single photons from two separate semiconductor quantum dots
EB Flagg, A Muller, SV Polyakov, A Ling, A Migdall, GS Solomon
Physical Review Letters 104 (13), 137401, 2010
Single-photon generation and detection: physics and applications
A Migdall, SV Polyakov, J Fan, JC Bienfang
Academic Press, 2013
High accuracy verification of a correlated-photon-based method for determining photon-counting detection efficiency
SV Polyakov, AL Migdall
Optics Express 15 (4), 1390-1407, 2007
Control of decoherence in the generation of photon pairs from atomic ensembles
D Felinto, CW Chou, H De Riedmatten, SV Polyakov, HJ Kimble
Physical Review A 72 (5), 053809, 2005
Spectrally bright and broad fiber-based heralded single-photon source
EA Goldschmidt, MD Eisaman, J Fan, SV Polyakov, A Migdall
Physical Review A 78 (1), 013844, 2008
Experimental realization of a low-noise heralded single-photon source
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, A Migdall, F Piacentini, ...
Optics express 19 (2), 1484-1492, 2011
An extremely low-noise heralded single-photon source: A breakthrough for quantum technologies
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, F Piacentini, P Traina, A Della Frera, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (22), 2012
Quantum radiometry
SV Polyakov, AL Migdall
Journal of Modern Optics 56 (9), 1045-1052, 2009
-ary-state phase-shift-keying discrimination below the homodyne limit
FE Becerra, J Fan, G Baumgartner, SV Polyakov, J Goldhar, JT Kosloski, ...
Physical Review A 84 (6), 062324, 2011
Coalescence of Single Photons Emitted by Disparate Single Photon Sources: The Example of InAs Quantum Dots and Parametric Down-Conversion Sources
SV Polyakov, A Muller, EB Flagg, A Ling, N Borjemscaia, E Van Keuren, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1109.6254, 2011
Dynamics of nonclassical light from a single solid-state quantum emitter
EB Flagg, SV Polyakov, T Thomay, GS Solomon
Physical review letters 109 (16), 163601, 2012
Temporal dynamics of photon pairs generated by an atomic ensemble
SV Polyakov, CW Chou, D Felinto, HJ Kimble
Physical review letters 93 (26), 263601, 2004
Mode reconstruction of a light field by multiphoton statistics
EA Goldschmidt, F Piacentini, IR Berchera, SV Polyakov, S Peters, S Kück, ...
Physical Review A 88 (1), 013822, 2013
Nonlinear refraction and multiphoton absorption in polydiacetylenes from 1200 to 2200 nm
S Polyakov, F Yoshino, M Liu, G Stegeman
Physical Review B 69 (11), 115421, 2004
Ancilla-assisted calibration of a measuring apparatus
G Brida, L Ciavarella, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, A Migdall, ...
Physical review letters 108 (25), 253601, 2012
Observation of three-photon enhanced four-photon absorption
F Yoshino, S Polyakov, M Liu, G Stegeman
Physical review letters 91 (6), 063902, 2003
Experimental test of nonclassicality for a single particle
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, V Schettini, SV Polyakov, A Migdall
Optics Express 16 (16), 11750-11758, 2008
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