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Stelios Kazadzis
Phys. and Meteorol. Obs. Davos / World Radiation Center
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Measurements of Saharan dust aerosols over the Eastern Mediterranean using elastic backscatter-Raman lidar, spectrophotometric and satellite observations in the frame of the …
A Papayannis, D Balis, V Amiridis, G Chourdakis, G Tsaknakis, C Zerefos, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5 (8), 2065-2079, 2005
Four‐year aerosol observations with a Raman lidar at Thessaloniki, Greece, in the framework of European Aerosol Research Lidar Network (EARLINET)
V Amiridis, DS Balis, S Kazadzis, A Bais, E Giannakaki, A Papayannis, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110 (D21), 2005
Inferring absorbing organic carbon content from AERONET data
A Arola, G Schuster, G Myhre, S Kazadzis, S Dey, SN Tripathi
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Raman lidar and sunphotometric measurements of aerosol optical properties over Thessaloniki, Greece during a biomass burning episode
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Optical characteristics of biomass burning aerosols over Southeastern Europe determined from UV-Raman lidar measurements
V Amiridis, DS Balis, E Giannakaki, A Stohl, S Kazadzis, ME Koukouli, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9 (7), 2431-2440, 2009
Optimizing CALIPSO Saharan dust retrievals
V Amiridis, U Wandinger, E Marinou, E Giannakaki, A Tsekeri, S Basart, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (23), 12089-12106, 2013
SUSPEN intercomparison of ultraviolet spectroradiometers
AF Bais, BG Gardiner, H Slaper, M Blumthaler, G Bernhard, R McKenzie, ...
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (2), 1337-1362, 2018
The regime of intense desert dust episodes in the Mediterranean based on contemporary satellite observations and ground measurements
A Gkikas, N Hatzianastassiou, N Mihalopoulos, V Katsoulis, S Kazadzis, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (23), 12135-12154, 2013
Correcting global solar ultraviolet spectra recorded by a Brewer spectroradiometer for its angular response error
AF Bais, S Kazadzis, D Balis, CS Zerefos, M Blumthaler
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Dust impact on surface solar irradiance assessed with model simulations, satellite observations and ground-based measurements
PG Kosmopoulos, S Kazadzis, M Taylor, E Athanasopoulou, O Speyer, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 10 (7), 2435-2453, 2017
LIVAS: a 3-D multi-wavelength aerosol/cloud database based on CALIPSO and EARLINET
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The total solar eclipse of March 2006: overview
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (17), 5205-5220, 2008
Nine years of UV aerosol optical depth measurements at Thessaloniki, Greece
S Kazadzis, A Bais, V Amiridis, D Balis, C Meleti, N Kouremeti, CS Zerefos, ...
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Three-year ground based measurements of aerosol optical depth over the Eastern Mediterranean: the urban environment of Athens
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Mediterranean intense desert dust outbreaks and their vertical structure based on remote sensing data
A Gkikas, S Basart, N Hatzianastassiou, E Marinou, V Amiridis, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (13), 8609-8642, 2016
Traveling reference spectroradiometer for routine quality assurance of spectral solar ultraviolet irradiance measurements
J Gröbner, J Schreder, S Kazadzis, AF Bais, M Blumthaler, P Görts, R Tax, ...
Applied optics 44 (25), 5321-5331, 2005
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E Giannakaki, DS Balis, V Amiridis, C Zerefos
Atmospheric measurement techniques 3 (3), 569-578, 2010
Assessment of TOMS UV bias due to absorbing aerosols
A Arola, S Kazadzis, N Krotkov, A Bais, J Gröbner, JR Herman
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110 (D23), 2005
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