Michalina Marczak
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Sex differences in human olfaction: a meta-analysis
P Sorokowski, M Karwowski, M Misiak, MK Marczak, M Dziekan, ...
Frontiers in psychology 10, 242, 2019
Dietary customs and food availability shape the preferences for basic tastes: A cross-cultural study among Polish, Tsimane'and Hadza societies
A Sorokowska, R Pellegrino, M Butovskaya, M Marczak, A Niemczyk, ...
Appetite 116, 291-296, 2017
No sex difference in digit ratios (2D: 4D) in the traditional Yali of Papua and its meaning for the previous hypotheses on the inter‐populational variability in 2D: 4D
M Marczak, M Misiak, A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski
American Journal of Human Biology 30 (2), e23078, 2018
Trolley Dilemma in Papua. Yali horticulturalists refuse to pull the lever
P Sorokowski, M Marczak, M Misiak, M Białek
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 27 (2), 398-403, 2020
Greater male variability in creativity outside the WEIRD world
M Karwowski, DM Jankowska, A Gajda, M Marczak, A Groyecka, ...
Creativity Research Journal 28 (4), 467-470, 2016
Emotional connectedness to nature is meaningfully related to modernization. Evidence from the Meru of Kenya
M Marczak, P Sorokowski
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 1789, 2018
Balanced time perspective as a facilitator of immigrants’ psychological adaptation: A study among Ukrainian immigrants in Poland
M Marczak, P Sorokowski, M Sobol
Transcultural Psychiatry 58 (6), 789-803, 2021
Free mate choice does not influence reproductive success in humans
P Sorokowski, A Groyecka, M Karwowski, U Manral, A Kumar, A Niemczyk, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Approach to resource management and physical strength predict differences in helping: evidence from two small-scale societies
M Butovskaya, M Marczak, M Misiak, D Karelin, M Białek, P Sorokowski
Frontiers in psychology 11, 373, 2020
Sex Differences in Human Olfaction: A Meta-Analysis. Front. Psychol. 10, 242
P Sorokowski, M Karwowski, M Misiak, MK Marczak, M Dziekan, ...
Money, food, and daily life objects are similarly shared in the dictator game. A study among poles and Tsimane’
P Sorokowski, A Oleszkiewicz, A Niemczyk, M Marczak, T Huanca, ...
Frontiers in Psychology, 554, 2017
How are education and minority status connected: The case of Romanian Roma in Wrocław
M Marczak
The Journal of Education, Culture, and Society 7 (2), 388-397, 2016
Humans tend to share food more generously than money and other objects: Preliminary evidence
A Sorokowska, M Marczak, M Misiak, A Oleszkiewicz, A Niemczyk, ...
European Journal of Social Psychology 51 (3), 427-435, 2021
“When I say I'm depressed, it's like anger.” An Exploration of the Emotional Landscape of Climate Change Concern in Norway and Its Psychological, Social and Political Implications.
M Marczak, M Winkowska, K Chaton-Østlie, RM Rios, C Klöckner
Research Square, 2021
Children older than five years do not approve of wasting food: An experimental study on attitudes towards food wasting behavior in children and adults
A Sorokowska, M Marczak, M Misiak, MM Stefańczyk, P Sorokowski
Journal of Environmental Psychology 71, 101467, 2020
Mapping sweetness preference across the lifespan for culturally different societies
R Pellegrino, A Sorokowska, M Marczak, A Niemczyk, M Butovskaya, ...
Journal of Environmental Psychology 58, 72-76, 2018
Creativity, Mating, and Reproductive Successes Outside the WEIRD World
I Lebuda, P Sorokowski, A Groyecka-Bernard, M Marczak, A Gajda, ...
Creativity Research Journal 33 (3), 255-263, 2021
Wasting food is disgusting: Evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging study of moral judgment of food-wasting behavior
M Marczak, A Marchewka, M Wypych, M Misiak, D Droździel, ...
bioRxiv, 750299, 2019
The Need for Sustainability, Equity, and International Exchange: Perspectives of Early Career Environmental Psychologists on the Future of Conferences
JK Köhler, AS Kreil, A Wenger, A Darmandieu, C Graves, CAP Haugestad, ...
Frontiers in psychology, 3173, 2022
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