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Cytowane przez
Coordinated frequency regulation by doubly fed induction generator-based wind power plants
ZS Zhang, YZ Sun, J Lin, GJ Li
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QUBIC: a qualitative biclustering algorithm for analyses of gene expression data
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Dynamic economic dispatch considering wind power penetration based on wind speed forecasting and stochastic programming
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Minimizing makespan on a single batching machine with release times and non-identical job sizes
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Comparative study of the cytokine/chemokine response in children with differing disease severity in enterovirus 71-induced hand, foot, and mouth disease
Y Zhang, H Liu, L Wang, F Yang, Y Hu, X Ren, G Li, Y Yu, S Sun, Y Li, ...
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A PTAS for semiconductor burn-in scheduling
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Influence research of wind power generation on power systems
Y Sun, J Wu, GJ Li
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Unravelling personalized dysfunctional gene network of complex diseases based on differential network model
X Yu, T Zeng, X Wang, G Li, L Chen
Journal of translational medicine 13 (1), 1-13, 2015
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