Hyungsin Kim
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Cytowane przez
Novel SOFC anodes for the direct electrochemical oxidation of hydrocarbon
RJ Gorte, H Kim, JM Vohs
Journal of Power Sources 106 (1-2), 10-15, 2002
Load balancing under heavy traffic in RPL routing protocol for low power and lossy networks
HS Kim, H Kim, J Paek, S Bahk
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 16 (4), 964-979, 2016
ATLAS measurements of the properties of jets for boosted particle searches
G Aad, B Abbott, J Abdallah, SA Khalek, AA Abdelalim, B Abi, M Abolins, ...
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Determination of the top-quark pole mass using t t ¯ + 1-jet events collected with the ATLAS experiment in 7 TeV pp collisions
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DT-RPL: Diverse bidirectional traffic delivery through RPL routing protocol in low power and lossy networks
HS Kim, H Cho, H Kim, S Bahk
Computer Networks 126, 150-161, 2017
WiiArts: creating collaborative art experience with WiiRemote interaction
HJ Lee, H Kim, G Gupta, A Mazalek
Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Tangible and embedded …, 2008
Computational clock drawing analysis for cognitive impairment screening
H Kim, YS Cho, EYL Do
Proceedings of the fifth international conference on tangible, embedded, and …, 2010
유휴공간 재활용 계획에 나타나는 도시재생개념의 영향 분석: 기존 연구에 등장하는 계획 사례를 중심으로
김현주, 이상호
대한건축학회 논문집-계획계 27 (6), 103-112, 2011
Chimpanzee chromosomes: retrotransposable compound repeat DNA organization (RCRO) and its influence on meiotic prophase and crossing-over
H Hirai, K Matsubayashi, K Kumazaki, A Kato, N Maeda, HS Kim
Cytogenetic and genome research 108 (1-3), 248-254, 2005
Connected chemistry—A study of secondary students using agent-based models to learn chemistry
ST Levy, H Kim, U Wilensky
annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego …, 2004
Home-based computerized cognitive assessment tool for dementia screening
H Kim, CP Hsiao, EYL Do
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AdaptaBLE: Adaptive control of data rate, transmission power, and connection interval in bluetooth low energy
E Park, MS Lee, HS Kim, S Bahk
Computer Networks 181, 107520, 2020
The ClockMe system: computer-assisted screening tool for dementia
H Kim
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013
Grocery hunter: a fun mobile game for children to combat obesity
H Kim, A Kogan, C Dasgupta, MM Novitzky, EYL Do
Proceedings of the fifth international conference on Tangible, embedded, and …, 2010
Context-bounded refinement filter algorithm: improving recognizer accuracy of handwriting in clock drawing test
H Kim, YS Cho, EYL Do
Workshops at the Twenty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2010
Automated Clock Drawing Test through Machine Learning and Geometric Analysis.
A Guha, H Kim, EYL Do
DMS, 311-314, 2010
문화공간 조성 사례에 나타나는 유휴 산업시설의 재활용 계획 방법 연구: 유휴 산업시설의 건축물 재활용 계획 방법을 중심으로
김현주, 이상호
대한건축학회 논문집-계획계 29 (6), 83-92, 2013
원발성 월경곤란증에 대한 삼음교 (SP6) 애구의 임상적 연구
SY Chiang, SP Bang, YP Jeong, HK Jung, JE Lee, JS Lee, DS Park, ...
Journal of Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Society 25 (6), 55-66, 2008
Development of probabilistic program for structural integrity assessment of steam generator tubes
HS Kim, HJ Shim, CK Oh, SG Jung, YS Chang, HD Kim, JB Lee
The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers Fall Annual Conference, 477-481, 2012
Using pen-based computing in technology for health
H Kim, YS Cho, EYL Do
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 192-201, 2011
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