Udson C. Mendes
Udson C. Mendes
Team Leader, Quantum Computing, CMC Microsystems
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Strong spin-photon coupling in silicon
N Samkharadze, G Zheng, N Kalhor, D Brousse, A Sammak, UC Mendes, ...
Science 359 (6380), 1123-1127, 2018
Coherent spin–photon coupling using a resonant exchange qubit
AJ Landig, JV Koski, P Scarlino, UC Mendes, A Blais, C Reichl, ...
Nature 560 (7717), 179-184, 2018
Coherent microwave-photon-mediated coupling between a semiconductor and a superconducting qubit
P Scarlino, DJ Van Woerkom, UC Mendes, JV Koski, AJ Landig, ...
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Cavity squeezing by a quantum conductor
UC Mendes, C Mora
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AH Trojnar, M Korkusinski, UC Mendes, M Goryca, M Koperski, ...
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Parametric amplification and squeezing with an ac-and dc-voltage biased superconducting junction
UC Mendes, S Jezouin, P Joyez, B Reulet, A Blais, F Portier, C Mora, ...
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Two-level quantum Otto heat engine operating with unit efficiency far from the quasi-static regime under a squeezed reservoir
RJ De Assis, JS Sales, UC Mendes, NG de Almeida
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 54 (9), 095501, 2021
Electron-photon interaction in a quantum point contact coupled to a microwave resonator
UC Mendes, C Mora
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Optically controlled spin-polarization memory effect on Mn delta-doped heterostructures
MAG Balanta, M Brasil, F Iikawa, UC Mendes, JA Brum, YA Danilov, ...
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UC Mendes, M Korkusinski, AH Trojnar, P Hawrylak
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MV Dorokhin, YA Danilov, BN Zvonkov, G Balanta, M Brasil, F Iikawa, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (4), 2015
Effects of a nearby Mn delta layer on the optical properties of an InGaAs/GaAs quantum well
MAG Balanta, M Brasil, F Iikawa, JA Brum, UC Mendes, YA Danilov, ...
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Gate-based quantum computing for protein design
MH Khatami, UC Mendes, N Wiebe, PM Kim
PLOS Computational Biology 19 (4), e1011033, 2023
Compensation effect on the CW spin-polarization degree of Mn-based structures
MAG Balanta, M Brasil, F Iikawa, UC Mendes, JA Brum, MZ Maialle, ...
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EP-PQM: Efficient parametric probabilistic quantum memory with fewer qubits and gates
M Khan, JPL Faye, UC Mendes, A Miranskyy
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Microwave signatures of the and fractional Josephson effects
PLS Lopes, S Boutin, P Karan, UC Mendes, I Garate
Physical Review B 99 (4), 045103, 2019
Quantum Otto thermal machines powered by Kerr nonlinearity
UC Mendes, JS Sales, NG de Almeida
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 54 (17), 175504, 2021
Quantum computing for software engineering: Prospects
A Miranskyy, M Khan, JPL Faye, UC Mendes
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Quantum Programming for …, 2022
Topological Josephson bifurcation amplifier: Semiclassical theory
S Boutin, PLS Lopes, A Mu, UC Mendes, I Garate
Journal of Applied Physics 129 (21), 2021
Electronic and optical properties of InGaAs quantum wells with Mn-delta-doping GaAs barriers
UC Mendes, MAG Balanta, MJSP Brasil, JA Brum
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.07136, 2015
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