Scott D Bergeson
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Creation of an ultracold neutral plasma
TC Killian, S Kulin, SD Bergeson, LA Orozco, C Orzel, SL Rolston
Physical Review Letters 83 (23), 4776, 1999
Formation of Rydberg atoms in an expanding ultracold neutral plasma
TC Killian, MJ Lim, S Kulin, R Dumke, SD Bergeson, SL Rolston
Physical review letters 86 (17), 3759, 2001
Plasma oscillations and expansion of an ultracold neutral plasma
S Kulin, TC Killian, SD Bergeson, SL Rolston
Physical review letters 85 (2), 318, 2000
Measurement of the He Ground State Lamb Shift via the Two-Photon Transition
SD Bergeson, A Balakrishnan, KGH Baldwin, TB Lucatorto, JP Marangos, ...
Physical review letters 80 (16), 3475, 1998
Radiative lifetimes, branching ratios, and absolute transition probabilities in Cr ii and Zn ii
SD Bergeson, JE Lawler
American Astronomical Society, 1993
Two-photon frequency comb spectroscopy of the 6s-8s transition in cesium
P Fendel, SD Bergeson, T Udem, TW Hänsch
Optics letters 32 (6), 701-703, 2007
Fluorescence measurements of expanding strongly coupled neutral plasmas
EA Cummings, JE Daily, DS Durfee, SD Bergeson
Physical review letters 95 (23), 235001, 2005
Ti-II Transition Probabilities and Radiative Lifetimes in Ti+ and the Solar Titanium Abundance
A Bizzarri, MCE Huber, A Noels, N Grevesse, SD Bergeson, P Tsekeris, ...
American Astronomical Society, 1993
Oscillator strengths of the Si II 181 nanometer resonance multiplet
SD Bergeson, JE Lawler
American Astronomical Society, 1993
Branching Fractions and Oscillator Strengths for Fe II Transitions from the 3d6(5D)4p Subconfiguration
SD Bergeson, KL Mullman, ME Wickliffe, JE Lawler
American Astronomical Society, 1996
Xenon 147-nm resonance f value and trapped decay rates
HM Anderson, SD Bergeson, DA Doughty, JE Lawler
Physical Review A 51 (1), 211, 1995
Ultracold neutral plasmas: recent experiments and new prospects
TC Killian, VS Ashoka, P Gupta, S Laha, SB Nagel, CE Simien, S Kulin, ...
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 36 (22), 6077, 2003
Neutral-plasma oscillations at zero temperature
SD Bergeson, RL Spencer
Physical Review E 67 (2), 026414, 2003
Demonstration of a 1-W injection-locked continuous-wave titanium: sapphire laser
EA Cummings, MS Hicken, SD Bergeson
Applied optics 41 (36), 7583-7587, 2002
Density and temperature scaling of disorder-induced heating in ultracold plasmas
SD Bergeson, A Denning, M Lyon, F Robicheaux
Physical Review A 83 (2), 023409, 2011
Oscillator strengths for Fe II transitions at 224.918 and 226.008 nanometers
SD Bergeson, KL Mullman, JE Lawler
American Astronomical Society, 1994
Limit of strong ion coupling due to electron shielding
M Lyon, SD Bergeson, MS Murillo
Physical Review E 87 (3), 033101, 2013
Ultracold neutral plasma expansion in two dimensions
EA Cummings, JE Daily, DS Durfee, SD Bergeson
Physics of plasmas 12 (12), 2005
Doppler-free two-photon spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet: helium 11S– 21S transition
SD Bergeson, KGH Baldwin, TB Lucatorto, TJ McIlrath, CH Cheng, ...
JOSA B 17 (9), 1599-1606, 2000
Measurement of the Yb I transition frequency at 399 nm using an optical frequency comb
M Kleinert, MEG Dahl, S Bergeson
Physical review A 94 (5), 052511, 2016
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