Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson
Hampton Roads Sanitation District
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Cytowane przez
Hydrolysis of macromolecular components of primary and secondary wastewater sludge by thermal hydrolytic pretreatment
CA Wilson, JT Novak
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Effect of various sludge digestion conditions on sulfonamide, macrolide, and tetracycline resistance genes and class I integrons
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LF Angeles, RA Mullen, IJ Huang, C Wilson, W Khunjar, HI Sirotkin, ...
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I Cotto, Z Dai, L Huo, CL Anderson, KJ Vilardi, U Ijaz, W Khunjar, C Wilson, ...
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Full‐scale transition from denitrification to partial denitrification–anammox (PdNA) in deep‐bed filters: Operational strategies for and benefits of PdNA implementation
R Fofana, M Parsons, C Long, K Chandran, K Jones, S Klaus, B Trovato, ...
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CA Wilson
Virginia Tech, 2009
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S Hogard, G Salazar‐Benites, R Pearce, T Nading, L Schimmoller, ...
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Chemosphere 264, 128333, 2021
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