Roberto Casado-Vara
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Cytowane przez
How blockchain improves the supply chain: Case study alimentary supply chain
R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, F De la Prieta, JM Corchado
Procedia computer science 134, 393-398, 2018
A review of edge computing reference architectures and a new global edge proposal
I Sittón-Candanedo, RS Alonso, JM Corchado, S Rodríguez-González, ...
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Non-linear adaptive closed-loop control system for improved efficiency in IoT-blockchain management
R Casado-Vara, P Chamoso, F De la Prieta, J Prieto, JM Corchado
Information Fusion 49, 227-239, 2019
Blockchain framework for IoT data quality via edge computing
R Casado-Vara, F de la Prieta, J Prieto, JM Corchado
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Blockchain-enabled Networked Sensor …, 2018
Distributed continuous-time fault estimation control for multiple devices in IoT networks
R Casado-Vara, P Novais, AB Gil, J Prieto, JM Corchado
IEEE Access 7, 11972-11984, 2019
A game theory approach for cooperative control to improve data quality and false data detection in WSN
R Casado‐Vara, F Prieto‐Castrillo, JM Corchado
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IoT network slicing on virtual layers of homogeneous data for improved algorithm operation in smart buildings
R Casado-Vara, A Martin-del Rey, S Affes, J Prieto, JM Corchado
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Distributed e-health wide-world accounting ledger via blockchain
R Casado-Vara, J Corchado
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 36 (3), 2381-2386, 2019
Smart contract for monitoring and control of logistics activities: Pharmaceutical utilities case study
R Casado-Vara, A González-Briones, J Prieto, JM Corchado
International Joint Conference SOCO’18-CISIS’18-ICEUTE’18: San Sebastián …, 2019
Fault-tolerant temperature control algorithm for IoT networks in smart buildings
R Casado-Vara, Z Vale, J Prieto, JM Corchado
Energies 11 (12), 3430, 2018
Blockchain-based architecture: A MAS proposal for efficient agri-food supply chains
Y Mezquita, A González-Briones, R Casado-Vara, P Chamoso, J Prieto, ...
Ambient Intelligence–Software and Applications–, 10th International …, 2020
Deepint. net: a rapid deployment platform for smart territories
JM Corchado, P Chamoso, G Hernández, ASR Gutierrez, AR Camacho, ...
Sensors 21 (1), 236, 2021
Web traffic time series forecasting using LSTM neural networks with distributed asynchronous training
R Casado-Vara, A Martin del Rey, D Pérez-Palau, ...
Mathematics 9 (4), 421, 2021
A review of k-nn algorithm based on classical and quantum machine learning
Y Mezquita, RS Alonso, R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, JM Corchado
Distributed computing and artificial intelligence, Special sessions, 17th …, 2021
Security countermeasures of a SCIRAS model for advanced malware propagation
JDH Guillen, AM Del Rey, R Casado-Vara
IEEE Access 7, 135472-135478, 2019
How blockchain could improve fraud detection in power distribution grid
R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, JM Corchado
International Joint Conference SOCO’18-CISIS’18-ICEUTE’18: San Sebastián …, 2019
Deep reinforcement learning for the management of software-defined networks in smart farming
RS Alonso, I Sittón-Candanedo, R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, JM Corchado
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Hybrid job offer recommender system in a social network
A Rivas, P Chamoso, A González‐Briones, R Casado‐Vara, ...
Expert Systems 36 (4), e12416, 2019
Improving temperature control in smart buildings based in IoT network slicing technique
R Casado-Vara, F De la Prieta, J Prieto, JM Corchado
2019 IEEE Global communications conference (GLOBECOM), 1-6, 2019
Bidirectional-pass algorithm for interictal event detection
D García-Retuerta, A Canal-Alonso, R Casado-Vara, AM Rey, G Panuccio, ...
International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology …, 2020
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