Laurentiu Ionescu
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Cytowane przez
Optimization of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell hybrid power system for residential buildings
N Bizon, AG Mazare, LM Ionescu, FM Enescu
Energy Conversion and Management 163, 22-37, 2018
Hydrogen economy of the fuel cell hybrid power system optimized by air flow control to mitigate the effect of the uncertainty about available renewable power and load dynamics
N Bizon, JM Lopez-Guede, E Kurt, P Thounthong, AG Mazare, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 179, 152-165, 2019
Hardware implementation of BCH Error-correcting codes on a FPGA
LM Ionescu, C Anton, I Tutănescu, A Mazăre, G Şerban
International Journal of Intelligent Computing Research (IJICR) 1 (3), 148-153, 2010
FPGA implementations of cellular automata for Pseudo-random number generation
P Anghelescu, E Sofron, S Ionita, L Ionescu
2006 International Semiconductor Conference 2, 371-374, 2006
Evolvable hardware with Boolean functions network implementation
A Mazare, L Ionescu, G Serban, V Barbu
2011 International Conference on Applied Electronics, 1-6, 2011
VLSI implementation of an associative content addressable memory based on Hopfield network model
LM Ionescu, AG Mazare, G Serban
CAS 2010 Proceedings (International Semiconductor Conference) 2, 499-502, 2010
Mobile system with real time route learning using hardware artificial neural network
A Mazare, LM Ionescu, AI Lita, G Serban, M Ionut
2015 7th International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial …, 2015
Detecting errors in digital communications with CRC codes implemented with FPGA
C Anton, L Ionescu, I Tutanescu, A Mazare, G Serban
2009 International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured …, 2009
FPGA-implemented CRC algorithm
C Anton, L Ionescu, I Tutanescu, A Mazare, G Serban
2009 Applied Electronics, 25-29, 2009
Better fuel economy by optimizing airflow of the fuel cell hybrid power systems using fuel flow-based load-following control
N Bizon, AG Mazare, LM Ionescu, P Thounthong, E Kurt, M Oproescu, ...
Energies 12 (14), 2792, 2019
Creating involvement of production workers by reliable technical maintenance
A Misztal, M Butlewski, N Belu, LM Ionescu
2014 International Conference on Production Research-Regional Conference …, 2014
An optimized NQR spectrometer for detection of prohibited substances
C Monea, GV Iana, S Ionita, LM Ionescu, SA Zaharia, S Ilie, N Bizon
Measurement 151, 107158, 2020
Fully integrated artificial intelligence solution for real time route tracking
LM Ionescu, A Mazare, AI Lita, G Serban
2015 38th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 536-540, 2015
Door automation system for smart home implementation
AI Lita, DA Visan, AG Mazare, LM Ionescu
2017 IEEE 23rd International Symposium for Design and Technology in …, 2017
Real-time strategy to optimize the Airflow rate of Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Source under variable load cycle
N Bizon, M Culcer, M Oproescu, G Iana, I Laurentiu, A Mazare, M Iliescu
2017 International Conference on Applied Electronics (AE), 1-6, 2017
Elliptic curves cryptosystems approaches
I Tutănescu, C Anton, L Ionescu, D Caragaţă
International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2012), 357-362, 2012
Implementation of a 64-bit hybrid SR-ARQ algorithm on FPGA
G Şerban, C Anton, L Ionescu, I Tutănescu, A Mazăre
2011 International Conference on Applied Electronics, 1-4, 2011
Systemic design for integrated digital circuit structures
V Ionescu, I Bostan, L Ionescu
2004 International Semiconductor Conference. CAS 2004 Proceedings (IEEE Cat …, 2004
Reducing the cost of electricity by optimizing real-time consumer planning using a new genetic algorithm-based strategy
LM Ionescu, N Bizon, AG Mazare, N Belu
Mathematics 8 (7), 1144, 2020
FPGA-based system for data acquisition and remote communication
A Mazare, L Ionescu, G Serban, I Lita
2014 IEEE 20th International Symposium for Design and Technology in …, 2014
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