Thomas H Hutson
Thomas H Hutson
Research Associate
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Reactive oxygen species regulate axonal regeneration through the release of exosomal NADPH oxidase 2 complexes into injured axons
A Hervera, F De Virgiliis, I Palmisano, L Zhou, E Tantardini, G Kong, ...
Nature cell biology 20 (3), 307-319, 2018
The translational landscape in spinal cord injury: focus on neuroplasticity and regeneration
TH Hutson, S Di Giovanni
Nature Reviews Neurology 15 (12), 732-745, 2019
Confronting false discoveries in single-cell differential expression
JW Squair, M Gautier, C Kathe, MA Anderson, ND James, TH Hutson, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 5692, 2021
Corticospinal tract transduction: a comparison of seven adeno-associated viral vector serotypes and a non-integrating lentiviral vector
TH Hutson, J Verhaagen, RJ Yáñez-Muñoz, LDF Moon
Gene therapy 19 (1), 49-60, 2012
Cbp-dependent histone acetylation mediates axon regeneration induced by environmental enrichment in rodent spinal cord injury models
TH Hutson, C Kathe, I Palmisano, K Bartholdi, A Hervera, F De Virgiliis, ...
Science translational medicine 11 (487), eaaw2064, 2019
Delayed intramuscular human neurotrophin-3 improves recovery in adult and elderly rats after stroke
DA Duricki, TH Hutson, C Kathe, S Soleman, D Gonzalez-Carter, ...
Brain 139 (1), 259-275, 2016
Cell type prioritization in single-cell data
MA Skinnider, JW Squair, C Kathe, MA Anderson, M Gautier, KJE Matson, ...
Nature biotechnology 39 (1), 30-34, 2021
Epigenomic signatures underpin the axonal regenerative ability of dorsal root ganglia sensory neurons
I Palmisano, MC Danzi, TH Hutson, L Zhou, E McLachlan, E Serger, ...
Nature neuroscience 22 (11), 1913-1924, 2019
Efficient gene expression from integration-deficient lentiviral vectors in the spinal cord
H Peluffo, E Foster, SG Ahmed, N Lago, TH Hutson, L Moon, P Yip, ...
Gene therapy 20 (6), 645-657, 2013
Lentiviral vector-mediated RNA silencing in the central nervous system
TH Hutson, E Foster, LDF Moon, RJ Yánez-Munoz
Human gene therapy methods 25 (1), 14-32, 2014
Lentiviral vectors encoding short hairpin RNAs efficiently transduce and knockdown LINGO‐1 but induce an interferon response and cytotoxicity in central nervous system neurones
TH Hutson, E Foster, JM Dawes, R Hindges, RJ Yáñez‐Muñoz, ...
The journal of gene medicine 14 (5), 299-315, 2012
Intramuscular Neurotrophin-3 normalizes low threshold spinal reflexes, reduces spasms and improves mobility after bilateral corticospinal tract injury in rats
C Kathe, TH Hutson, SB McMahon, LDF Moon
Elife 5, e18146, 2016
Peripheral nervous system genes expressed in central neurons induce growth on inhibitory substrates
WJ Buchser, RP Smith, JR Pardinas, CL Haddox, T Hutson, L Moon, ...
PLoS One 7 (6), e38101, 2012
Wireless closed-loop optogenetics across the entire dorsoventral spinal cord in mice
C Kathe, F Michoud, P Schönle, A Rowald, N Brun, J Ravier, I Furfaro, ...
Nature biotechnology 40 (2), 198-208, 2022
PP4‐dependent HDAC3 dephosphorylation discriminates between axonal regeneration and regenerative failure
A Hervera, L Zhou, I Palmisano, E McLachlan, G Kong, TH Hutson, ...
The EMBO journal 38 (13), e101032, 2019
Unilateral pyramidotomy of the corticospinal tract in rats for assessment of neuroplasticity-inducing therapies
C Kathe, TH Hutson, Q Chen, HD Shine, SB McMahon, LDF Moon
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e51843, 2014
Enriched conditioning expands the regenerative ability of sensory neurons after spinal cord injury via neuronal intrinsic redox signaling
F De Virgiliis, TH Hutson, I Palmisano, S Amachree, J Miao, L Zhou, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 6425, 2020
AMPK controls the axonal regenerative ability of dorsal root ganglia sensory neurons after spinal cord injury
G Kong, L Zhou, E Serger, I Palmisano, F De Virgiliis, TH Hutson, ...
Nature Metabolism 2 (9), 918-933, 2020
Trans-neuronal transduction of spinal neurons following cortical injection and anterograde axonal transport of a bicistronic AAV1 vector
TH Hutson, C Kathe, LDF Moon
Gene therapy 23 (2), 231-236, 2016
Optimization of a 96-well electroporation assay for postnatal rat CNS neurons suitable for cost–effective medium-throughput screening of genes that promote neurite outgrowth
TH Hutson, WJ Buchser, JL Bixby, VP Lemmon, LDF Moon
Frontiers in molecular neuroscience 4, 55, 2011
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