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Rafał Józwiak
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Cytowane przez
Tracking underwater noise sources with the use of a passive method
I Gloza, K Buszman, R Józwiak
Acta Physica Polonica A 123 (6), 1090-1093, 2013
Measurement campaign and mathematical model construction for the ship Zodiak magnetic signature reproduction
J Tarnawski, K Buszman, M Woloszyn, TA Rutkowski, A Cichocki, ...
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The one–third–octave spectrum as a method of vessel identification
I Gloza, R Józwiak, K Buszman
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The calibration of hydroacoustic channel of mobile measurement module
K Buszman, I Gloza, R Jozwiak, K Listewnik
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Research on underwater communication modem with fsk modulation
R Józwiak, K Listewnik
2018 Joint Conference-Acoustics, 1-6, 2018
Influence of surface object movement parameters on the hydroacoustic RGB classification method
K Listewnik, R Józwiak, I Nissen
Applied Acoustics 173, 107743, 2021
Data compression and clustering of one-third-octave spectra by acoustical colors
R Józwiak, I Nissen, K Listewnik
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Uncertainty analysis of the determination noise source direction using the tetrahedron hydrophone array
I Gloza, R Józwiak, P Pawlik, W Bartko
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The use of underwater communication modem in stand–alone measuring module
R Józwiak
Hydroacoustics 16, 89--100, 2013
Review of normative documents applicable in Polish Navy in the field of measurement and minimalization of ships physical fields
P Kubis, M Gloza, R Józwiak, K Kamińska
Maritime Technical Journal 219 (4), 65-76, 2019
Influence of protective hydrophone housing on its receiving sensitivity
RJ Szymon Kula
HYDROACOUSTICS 20 (http://pta.eti.pg.gda.pl/journal/paper.p), 99-104, 2017
An Application of Fractional Brownian Motion to Vessel Identification Based on its Sound Spectrum
M Wiciak, I Gloza, R Jóźwiak, P Wiciak
Acta Physica Polonica A 128 (1A), 2015
Influence of surface object movement parameters on the hydroacoustic RGB classification method
Gaseous shallow sediment has been recognized in several areas of the Southern Baltic Sea. The most commonly observed manifestation of the gas in the bottom top layer is an …
I Gloza, R Józwiak, K Buszman, G Grelowska, E Kozaczka
Identification of the vessel on the basis of the third-octave spectrum
I Gloza, R Józwiak
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