Henrik Stapelfeldt
Henrik Stapelfeldt
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Cytowane przez
Colloquium: Aligning molecules with strong laser pulses
H Stapelfeldt, T Seideman
Reviews of Modern Physics 75 (2), 543, 2003
Photoelectron angular distributions from strong-field ionization of oriented molecules
L Holmegaard, JL Hansen, L Kalhøj, S Louise Kragh, H Stapelfeldt, ...
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Three dimensional alignment of molecules using elliptically polarized laser fields
JJ Larsen, K Hald, N Bjerre, H Stapelfeldt, T Seideman
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Laser-induced alignment and orientation of quantum-state-selected large molecules
L Holmegaard, JH Nielsen, I Nevo, H Stapelfeldt, F Filsinger, J Küpper, ...
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E Constant, H Stapelfeldt, PB Corkum
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Aligning molecules with intense nonresonant laser fields
JJ Larsen, H Sakai, CP Safvan, I Wendt-Larsen, H Stapelfeldt
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J Küpper, S Stern, L Holmegaard, F Filsinger, A Rouzée, A Rudenko, ...
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Deflection of neutral molecules using the nonresonant dipole force
H Stapelfeldt, H Sakai, E Constant, PB Corkum
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H Stapelfeldt, E Constant, PB Corkum
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F Filsinger, J Küpper, G Meijer, L Holmegaard, JH Nielsen, I Nevo, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (6), 2009
Controlling the branching ratio of photodissociation using aligned molecules
JJ Larsen, I Wendt-Larsen, H Stapelfeldt
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Redistribution of Rydberg states by intense picosecond pulses
LD Noordam, H Stapelfeldt, DI Duncan, TF Gallagher
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Ultrafast Charge Rearrangement and Nuclear Dynamics upon Inner-Shell Multiple<? format?> Ionization of Small Polyatomic Molecules
B Erk, D Rolles, L Foucar, B Rudek, SW Epp, M Cryle, C Bostedt, ...
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Manipulating the torsion of molecules by strong laser pulses
CB Madsen, LB Madsen, SS Viftrup, MP Johansson, TB Poulsen, ...
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Time-resolved Coulomb explosion imaging: A method to measure structure and dynamics of molecular nuclear wave packets
H Stapelfeldt, E Constant, H Sakai, PB Corkum
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Multiphoton Electron Angular Distributions from Laser-Aligned Molecules
V Kumarappan, L Holmegaard, C Martiny, CB Madsen, TK Kjeldsen, ...
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I Nevo, L Holmegaard, JH Nielsen, JL Hansen, H Stapelfeldt, F Filsinger, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (42), 9912-9918, 2009
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