Paulina Kasperkiewicz
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Cytowane przez
Design of ultrasensitive probes for human neutrophil elastase through hybrid combinatorial substrate library profiling
P Kasperkiewicz, M Poreba, SJ Snipas, H Parker, CC Winterbourn, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (7), 2518-2523, 2014
Mechanism and specificity of the human paracaspase MALT1
J Hachmann, SJ Snipas, BJ van Raam, EM Cancino, EJ Houlihan, ...
Biochemical Journal 443 (1), 287-295, 2012
Unnatural amino acids increase sensitivity and provide for the design of highly selective caspase substrates
M Poreba, P Kasperkiewicz, SJ Snipas, D Fasci, GS Salvesen, M Drag
Cell Death & Differentiation 21 (9), 1482-1492, 2014
SUMO-mediated regulation of NLRP3 modulates inflammasome activity
R Barry, SW John, G Liccardi, T Tenev, I Jaco, CH Chen, J Choi, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-14, 2018
Small molecule active site directed tools for studying human caspases
M Poreba, A Szalek, P Kasperkiewicz, W Rut, GS Salvesen, M Drag
Chemical reviews 115 (22), 12546-12629, 2015
Toolbox of fluorescent probes for parallel imaging reveals uneven location of serine proteases in neutrophils
P Kasperkiewicz, Y Altman, M D’Angelo, GS Salvesen, M Drag
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (29), 10115-10125, 2017
Extended substrate specificity and first potent irreversible inhibitor/activity-based probe design for Zika virus NS2B-NS3 protease
W Rut, L Zhang, P Kasperkiewicz, M Poreba, R Hilgenfeld, M Drąg
Antiviral research 139, 88-94, 2017
Design of a selective substrate and activity based probe for human neutrophil serine protease 4
P Kasperkiewicz, M Poreba, SJ Snipas, SJ Lin, D Kirchhofer, ...
PLoS One 10 (7), e0132818, 2015
Emerging challenges in the design of selective substrates, inhibitors and activity‐based probes for indistinguishable proteases
P Kasperkiewicz, M Poreba, K Groborz, M Drag
The FEBS journal 284 (10), 1518-1539, 2017
Counter selection substrate library strategy for developing specific protease substrates and probes
M Poreba, R Solberg, W Rut, NN Lunde, P Kasperkiewicz, SJ Snipas, ...
Cell chemical biology 23 (8), 1023-1035, 2016
Selective imaging of cathepsin L in breast cancer by fluorescent activity-based probes
M Poreba, W Rut, M Vizovisek, K Groborz, P Kasperkiewicz, D Finlay, ...
Chemical science 9 (8), 2113-2129, 2018
SARS hCoV papain-like protease is a unique Lys48 linkage-specific di-distributive deubiquitinating enzyme
M Békés, W Rut, P Kasperkiewicz, MPC Mulder, H Ovaa, M Drag, ...
Biochemical Journal 468 (2), 215-226, 2015
Highly sensitive and adaptable fluorescence-quenched pair discloses the substrate specificity profiles in diverse protease families
M Poreba, A Szalek, W Rut, P Kasperkiewicz, I Rutkowska-Wlodarczyk, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-13, 2017
Design of Selective Substrates and Activity-Based Probes for Hydrolase Important for Pathogenesis 1 (HIP1) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
CS Lentz, AA Ordonez, P Kasperkiewicz, F La Greca, AJ O’Donoghue, ...
ACS infectious diseases 2 (11), 807-815, 2016
Positional scanning substrate combinatorial library (PS-SCL) approach to define caspase substrate specificity
M Poręba, A Szalek, P Kasperkiewicz, M Drąg
Caspases, Paracaspases, and Metacaspases, 41-59, 2014
Recent advances and concepts in substrate specificity determination of proteases using tailored libraries of fluorogenic substrates with unnatural amino acids
W Rut, P Kasperkiewicz, A Byzia, M Poreba, K Groborz, M Drag
Biological Chemistry 396 (4), 329-337, 2015
Current and prospective applications of non-proteinogenic amino acids in profiling of proteases substrate specificity
P Kasperkiewicz, AD Gajda, M Drąg
Biological chemistry 393 (9), 843-851, 2012
Substrate specificity and possible heterologous targets of phytaspase, a plant cell death protease
RA Galiullina, P Kasperkiewicz, NV Chichkova, A Szalek, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (41), 24806-24815, 2015
The elastase-PK101 structure: mechanism of an ultrasensitive activity-based probe revealed
BC Lechtenberg, P Kasperkiewicz, H Robinson, M Drag, SJ Riedl
ACS Chemical Biology 10 (4), 945-951, 2015
Simple phosphonic inhibitors of human neutrophil elastase
M Sieńczyk, Ł Winiarski, P Kasperkiewicz, M Psurski, J Wietrzyk, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 21 (5), 1310-1314, 2011
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