Dr. Rangeet Mitra
Dr. Rangeet Mitra
Postdoc, ETS Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Zweryfikowany adres z ens.etsmtl.ca - Strona główna
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
6G white paper on machine learning in wireless communication networks
S Ali, W Saad, N Rajatheva, K Chang, D Steinbach, B Sliwa, C Wietfeld, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.13875, 2020
Precoded Chebyshev-NLMS based pre-distorter for nonlinear LED compensation in NOMA-VLC
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Transactions on Communications 65 (11), 4845--4856, 2017
Chebyshev polynomial-based adaptive predistorter for nonlinear LED compensation in VLC
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (10), 1053-1056, 2016
Adaptive sparse dictionary-based kernel minimum symbol error rate post-distortion for nonlinear LEDs in visible light communications
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Photonics Journal 8 (4), 1-13, 2016
Low complexity post-distorter for visible light communications
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Communication Letters, 1-1, 2017
Adaptive Precoding Based Detection Algorithm for Massive MIMO Visible Light Communication
S Jain, M Rangeet, V Bhatia
IEEE Communications Letters, 1-4, 2018
Mixture-kernel Based Post-distortion in RKHS for Time-varying VLC Channels
R Mitra, F Miramirkhani, V Bhatia, M Uysal
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular technology, 1-1, 2018
Least Minimum Symbol Error Rate based Post-Distortion for VLC Using Random Fourier Features
R Mitra, S Jain, V Bhatia
IEEE Communications Letters, 1-4, 2020
Improved multi-stage clustering-based blind equalisation
R Mitra, S Singh, A Mishra
IET communications 5 (9), 1255-1261, 2011
KLMS-DFE based adaptive post-distorter for visible light communication
S Jain, R Mitra, V Bhatia
Optics Communications 451, 353-360, 2019
Minimum error entropy criterion based channel estimation for massive-MIMO in VLC
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 68 (1), 1014-1018, 2018
Maximum likelihood estimate of parameters of Nakagami-m distribution
R Mitra, AK Mishra, T Choubisa
Communications, Devices and Intelligent Systems (CODIS), 2012 International …, 2012
Kernel LMS-based estimation techniques for radar systems
UK Singh, R Mitra, V Bhatia, AK Mishra
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 55 (5), 2501-2515, 2019
Precoding technique for ill-conditioned massive MIMO-VLC system
R Mitra, V Bhatia
2018 IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 1-5, 2018
The diffusion-KLMS algorithm
R Mitra, V Bhatia
2014 International Conference on Information Technology, 256-259, 2014
Kernel-based parallel multi-user detector for massive-MIMO
R Mitra, V Bhatia
Computers & Electrical Engineering 65, 543-553, 2018
Finite dictionary techniques for MSER equalization in RKHS
R Mitra, V Bhatia
Signal, Image and Video Processing 11 (5), 849-856, 2017
Unsupervised multistage-clustering-based hammerstein postdistortion for VLC
R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Photonics Journal 9 (1), 1-10, 2016
MBER Combining for MIMO VLC with User Mobility and Imperfect CSI
SK Reddy, R Mitra
IEEE Communications Letters 24 (2), 376-380, 2019
Hybrid Adaptive Precoder and Post-distorter for Massive-MIMO VLC
S Jain, R Mitra, V Bhatia
IEEE Communications Letters 24 (1), 150-154, 2020
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